5th Edition Tactics: Do You Really Need Troops?

January 23, 2009 ·

January 24, 2009

After reading this post about 5th edition tactics regarding troops and why you don't need them. Instead of attempting to cling to objectives his tactics focus on annihilating the enemy with powerful units.

When you consider that Tau troop choices are relatively costly and fragile, fielding large numbers of them is obviously a bad idea. Sure, you can claim objectives, but your points would be better spent on more effective units such as Stealth Suits or Battlesuits to gun down the enemy and boot them off the objectives.

However, as a Tau player who isn't very effective in close combat, this is a cause for concern. Thinking back to my game at the weekend, I wasted a whole turn of shooting by putting everything in reserve.

Perhaps it would have been better to take a a few long range hits in favour of a few extra railgun rounds into the enemy?


Horosuma said...
October 2, 2009 at 2:38 AM  

I would have to disagree, i always have three units of fire warriours and plan to get a forth. I also need a second unit of path finders.

so that makes two static units for a firebase, and two mobile units for rapid firing and objective taking,

when backed up by marker lights the firewarrior makes an excellent anti-infantry unit, leaving broadsides for anti-tank and battle suits for anti-heavyinfantry.

my only success with kroot is as an outflanking unit, shooting or assaulting as circumstances dictate.

just my two cents in the defense of the troops, oh and your paint scheme looks great!

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