The Trouble with Tau Armylists

February 18, 2009 ·

February 18, 2009

One friend was fed up of playing against my Tau army all the time (and who could blame him when I kept winning). So I've taken a break from the Tau army for now and borrowed some of his other armies for a quick game.

Now the problem I have with my Tau army. In fact, it's a problem I have always had with my Tau army is what to put into a competitive list -especially in 5th edition 40K.

Due to the fragile nature and limited number of Tau Fire Warriors, holding objectives isn't a viable tactic, nor is pressing forward for them, unless the Fire Warriors are safely riding in a pimped out Devilfish costing around 100pts, which is quite pricey for what it is.

On the flip side, it's easy to simple go kill stuff. But can you kill enough and safely contest the objectives without getting charged and torn to shreds?

Little wonder then that so many tournament players appear to have abandoned the Tau in the short term.

My Tau army building dilemma comes after these pick up and play sessions against a friend. He simply gives me a 1,500pts armylist because that's all his has of that particular force and I just plonk it on the table and get on with it, because I have to.

In many ways the Tau army has spoilt me for choice and this choice has led to indecision.
Maybe I should ask my friend to make a Tau army list and I'll just give that a whirl and be done with it?

It could prove interesting and provide a temporary solution until I get more units painted. Speaking of which: Forgeworld Broadsides will be coming soon!


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