40K Battle Reports: Tau VS Ravenwing

March 11, 2009 ·

March 11, 2009

Time for a quick 40K battle report. I scribbled down a 1,750pts Tau army list on Sunday and took it to my mate's place to play 40K on his terrain for a change. So my Tau army left their home turf for this battle report, swapping urban grey surroundings for a mountainous region with trenches and pine tress.

Now James has got his Ravenwing army down to a tee. It's such a strong list and so straightforward that you can just switch of your brain and play it, which I quickly discovered.

So, to see if my Tau army list (not my Tau army tactics) was any good, I gave it to Gung-Ho-James who has never played an army that doesn't charge forward screaming. And if he has, he made it run forward screaming anyway!

This meant it was up to me to use the Ravenwing and for James to use his brain and get tricksy with the Tau. Although he just mimicked the sneaky things I usually get up to.

The Ravenwing Army consisted of Sammael in his Land Speeder and 4 maxed out Ravenwing squads with all the trimmings.

The Tau Army included a commander with 2 bodyguards and shield drones, 3 lots of firewarriors in devilfish, a stealth suit team, some kroot (woot for kroot!), a broadside team, a hammerhead and a skyray.

We rolled for mission and set up, getting Annihilation with Dawn of War deployment. It was a bit slow to start and turned into a real game of cat and mouse, so I'll just go over the highlights of the game.

He won the roll and proceeded to deploye the Tau command squad behind a devilfish with firewarriors inside at the centre of the table. Meanwhile I deployed Sammael in his speeder in the middle of my deployment zone...then failed to seize the initiative.

Turn 1 passed by peacefully as the Tau army came on and the Ravenwing remained in reserve, outflanking.

In turn 2, two markerlights from the skyray hit Sammy, knocking his cover save down to 6+ while the Tau broadside team locked on. One of them scored a penetrating hit, which pleased James as he said "Let's see you roll a 6!"

And his jaw hit the floor when I did. Ha!

The Hammerhead fired its railgun and missed.

James then realised WHY I'd put Sammael there. I wanted to see how many railgun shots he could absorb.

In the following turn, Sammael was able to penetrate the Skyray front armour with his twin linked assault cannon and rolled another 6, causing an explosion! Sammael quite clearly has the luck of the devil and I still wonder why so many people insist on taking him on a jetbike.

The Tau army rapidly advanced into the centre of the board, spreading their units out, then the Ravenwing began to roll on. And much to my irritation, all the Tau units were more than 24" away from the sides of the table. My melta guns were useless and my multi meltas only had Strength 8 against armour 13 vehicles.

What followed was Ravenwing bike squads getting wiped out by sheer mass of firepower. Turbo Boosting makes no difference when the guns hitting you are Strength 5, AP 5.

Both sides took damage throughout the game, although it was plain to see that had James not surged everything forward he would have still been within firing range, but wouldn't have suffered so badly in return.

Other highlights included Outflanking Kroot charging a Ravenwing bike squad, killing them all, then consolidating into some woods for a 3+ cover save. Kroot always amaze me considering they cost just 70pts for 10.

The game ended on Turn 6 and the Tau were on the run. But there was no way I could catch them or inflict any more damage before the game ended. Both sides had scored 7 kill points and when we counted up the victory points they were also the same.

James has a love of deep striking units, which I don't share.
This led to the almost immediate death of the stealth suit team, while the second battlesuit team did die instantly as they scattered and splattered on Sammael by rolling a 1 on the Deepstrike Mishap Table.

Had this unit arrived safely, the Ravenwing would have lost the game by a substantial margin because they're nearly 200pts and would have shot things...a lot.

I'm going to play some more games and hopefully write up a better battle report next time. Hopefully with better photos too! My camera can do great close up pics, but for aerial views and the like, it's pretty awful. I need to figure out all the settings.


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