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March 1, 2009 ·

March 1, 2009

Just got back from another evening of gaming at the Essex Warhounds club in Hockley. If a game could go wrong and I mean really wrong, it was this one. I forgot the fundamentals of Tau gameplay, which is to keep moving, keep shooting and for the love of god, stay out of assault (unless on your terms).

As a result, I let myself get hemmed into my own deployment zone while the Kroot and Stealth Suits were useless with little to shoot at for the whole game...until they got obliterated.

What I should have done was split my forces and shoot my opponent's slow moving army from all directions. With so many units to chase and very little long range firepower, I should have been laughing.

I never seem to learn anything when I win games. But when I lose, I learn a lot.
Got to say though, Sisters of Battle are a strange army to play against. At a distance you can slap them around and call them Susan. But once they're up close, flamers and faith really rip you a new one.

Everything was going so well until an Immolator rocked up 12", disembarked 5 sisters with 4 flamers and a brazier, joined by the cannoness who proceeded to inflict 17 flamer hits on the Stealth Suits, coupled with an Act of Faith that makes all roll of 6 to wound AP1. Bye bye Stealth Suits. No surprise really, as I'd let them get hemmed in with nowhere to go.

Instead of frantically firing at the transport, I should have simply ran everything away like a coward and shot him from the safety of greater distance next turn. While I often call 5th edition 'gung ho 40K', often the most decisive turns of a game are when there is very little or no shooting.
But I am dubious about my opponent pulling out an Act of Faith at any and every given moment. Need to read up on that. Surely you can't simply announce them in the same way you announce that you're Going to Ground?

The game of Secure & Control with Dawn of War deployment started well for me though with a pimped out Devilfish (smart missile system, targeting array, multitracker, disruption pod) with Tau Battlesuits hiding behind it being immune to all guns in range while allowing me to hammer a sisters squad straight away.

After that the positioning of my units wasn't so hot and I got cluttered around the middle as I sacrificed any strategy in favour of quick kills while trying to cling to an objective. But it's not like you can just park on objectives with Tau and say "These are mine" as you can with other armies.

The Tau Battlesuits performed brilliantly again. They even surprised my opponent when they charged his Seraphim squad, absorbing the squad leader's power weapon attacks on the shield drones before giving them all a good kicking with their 10 attacks at Strength 5.

The Tau Broadsides were okay. Once again they suffered from needing more firepower against troops and light armoured vehicles, or being too slow to move anywhere fast. I'm consiering bucking the trend by losing their Advanced Stabilisation System which gives them slow and purposeful while equipping them with multitrackers instead.

Then I can move and run them into a suitable terrain peice and leave them to blast away at various targets without a worry. So that's something to try out.

The Tau Skyray was a bit of a disappointment, although this was due to getting trapped in the middle of the board.

So in conclusion, I knew what I should have done and now I'll be more prepared for the future. Tau are a tough army to play and winning doesn't come easily, but they're still great fun and can really scare the heck out of your opponent when his squad vanishes from a single volley of fire.

Now to play some more games...


Tim M said...
March 1, 2009 at 6:23 PM  

Ah, my fellow Tau Commander. I too, have felt the sting of the Sisters. And yes, they can and do pull the "faith" points when ever they want. Not knowing what kind of witch hunters list you faced, my friend likes to take 2 Exorcists. Very nasty against 3+ save units. You really want to out-shoot the sisters, from really far away.

Adam Hunter said...
March 2, 2009 at 2:02 AM  

I forgot to mention, this was a 1,000pts game, so we were quite restricted on what we could cram into the army.

Had this been a 1,500pts game I think I would have faired a bit better.

Darren Cunningham said...
March 2, 2009 at 2:43 AM  

acts of faith must be announced at the beginning of the appropriate phase- if the phase has been ongoing, then the sisters player cannot use further acts of faith. for example- the 'turn your armor save invulnerable for a round' power cannot be used in response to your targeting- the player must declare at the start of the shooting phase which units will be attempting the act of faith.

the same with the AP1 on 'to wound' of 6. make sure the player is announcing this at the beginning of this phase, otherwise it is cheating and unfair.

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