Organising My Carry Case

April 5, 2009 ·

April 5, 2009

I felt that it was time I sorted out the remaining slots in my army carrying case as I put the finishing touches to my Tau army.

I fully expect to have to buy more Tau units in the future with an update of the Tau codex or a new edition of Warhammer 40,000. But when that day comes, I'll simply buy another carry case and put even more stuff in it.

So for now, I need to cram in 3 more Tau Battlesuits, which will be armed with missile pod and twin linked flamer for some burnination. I've got some burst cannon sponsons for my Heavy Support tanks, a spare Railgun turret and a spare Ion Cannon turret if I ever want to turn my Skyray into another Hammerhead, or give the Hammerhead a lighter armament.

There's plenty of gun drones, shield drones and even marker drones as well as flying bases, some spares thrown in and even the newly painted Piranha scout skimmers, painted by David Richardson. I also have a limited edition Ethereal in there. I doubt I'll ever field him, but he's there for completeness.

When I started this army, I declared that it would be my last Warhammer 40,000 army. And I bought an enormous carry case from KR Multikase which could house 4 smaller carry cases. I spent a fortune with the intention to fill the whole thing. But after playing this army for a year, I did what many normal players do, which is to pick the units they like, keep the units that perform well and build an army with lots of small add ons discovered from playing games. Then I sold all the stuff I didn't need to pay for my expensive girlfriend as well as all the tournaments I attended.

But thankfully I dumped her berfore Christmas, which has freed up a lot of my disposable income (aka: all of it) and my time. Hence why I was able to complete my army just in time for the Carnage tournament this year. Last time I had to take a week off work.

Anyway, before this post derails itself anymore, I'd like to point out that constantly playing and trying out new things is the best way of finding out what works for you as a player. And this is why the reigning Grand Tournament lists that everybody spams to death will often be overcome by a new idea. Obviously, it will have to be a bloody good idea to deal with the 4 Ork Battlewagons of nefarious line of sight blocking designs that are thundering towards you, but that day has come before and it undoubtedly will come again.

So now that my Tau are complete and I need to order myself a material carry case from KR Multikase which can contain the 2 boxes instead of 4 (I'll keep the big one for future use), it's time to start looking at another army for the future. Eldar, Chaos and Orks are the big 3 for me right now. Although Salamander Space Marines look like fun. But I can't bring myself to build an army around just 1 special character who could be written out of the rules by the next codex.

I also have a ton of left over spare weapons and drones, as well as a complete Hammerhead weapons sprue and a complete Skyray turret still on the sprue -Oh and a shrink wrapped Skyray box to get rid of.

But before I choose my next army, I have 3 new Tau Battlesuits to build, complete with twin linked flamer conversions, then I have to paint everything that's left. The painting list currently includes an ion cannon turret, a railgun turret, loads of shield drones, loads of marker drones, a couple of gun drones and the Limited Edition Ethereal. Then I'm done!

No need to fret, there will still be tactics, battle reports and more even after my Tau army is finished...until the next Tau Codex or 6th edition Warhammer 40K anyway.


CJ said...
April 5, 2009 at 4:30 PM  

cool stuff adam! Seems that you reached the end of the construction line a bit sooner then previously anticipated. I have to say your army is looking very cool indeed.

I was wondering you where talking about taking out the kroot and replacing the battle suits with a different battle suit. But what did you end up picking for the kroot? are they still in there or did you playtest something new and are planning to put that in there?

But anyways I hope that you will still be playing a lot with these guys and we can get some on the field Battle pictures with them. also good luck on what ever next army you set out on.

Cheers CJ

Adam Hunter said...
April 6, 2009 at 12:41 AM  

In 1750pts I'll keep the Kroot as the beautiful fodder unit that they are while swapping the burst cannon/missile pod team for the twin flamer/missile pod team.

In 1500pts games I'd drop the second battlesuit team and the Kroot from my 1750pts list to make 1500pts.

Hope that makes sense.

Albrek said...
April 7, 2009 at 2:20 AM  

Nice work, have to say I still really like the colour scheme, its not OTT complex :)

I need to work out my carry case situation badly :P too many armies, only one case.

It looks like you just use some modular looking cardboard boxes with foam inserts there yeh? I be searching for a cheap alternative to the GW boxes

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