Planetstrike Campaign

April 29, 2009 ·

April 29, 2009

My local gaming group is decided to have a Planetstrike campaign when the new Planetstrike rules are released. If you didn't know, 40K Planestrike is a new set of missions and force organisation charts depicting a surgical strike against a planet in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

To tie in with the coming Planetstrike release, Games Workshop has launched a 40K campaign map in the same vein as Warhammer Mighty Empires with tiles representing sprawling hive cities, space ports and other 40K equivalents of the Warhammer fantasy tiles.

The little information we do know about Planetstrike so far is the the Attacker's force chart requires only 1 HQ as standard with 6 Elites, Troops and Fast Attack choices being available while only 1 Heavy Support may be taken.

Meanwhile the Defender must adhere to the regular force chart restriction, but may only take a single Fast Attack choice, but may have up to 6 Heavy Support choices.

So when it comes to Planetstrike, the real question is whether Elites and Fast Attack choices can overcome Heavy Support choices?

Planetstrike Armies

James and I had a heated discussion about Planetstrike armies. He was determined to field 6 Land Raider Redeemers while I said that 6 squads of 3 Space Marine Attack Bikes with multimeltas would be unstoppable.

Then we both stopped and realised we couldn't build 1500 points army lists for Planetstrike. We needed more points. Lots more points!

Cheesy Planetstrike army lists aside, a Planetstrike campaign would open up a whole new avenue for our games of Warhammer 40K, which have been very tournament based and competitive so far.

I picked up the Imperial Amour 3: Amoris Campaign a while ago (it was going cheap on eBay) and this deals with a variety of Planestrike styled missions where the defenders are outnumbered or the attackers and deep striking into a hot zone and need to quickly achieve an objective before enemy reinforcements arrive.

I think Planetstrike will be an awesome addition to our regular games of 40K. I just need to step in an ensure balance and fairness without certain people in our group turning it into one almighty cheese fest.


Equinox said...
April 29, 2009 at 12:08 PM  

As a guy that loved Cities of Death, I am not as excited about Planetstrike. It could be all the mystery surrounding what is going to be released with it or just that I am not keen on radical changes to the org chart. Eitherway, I will hold off final judgement until it is released.

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