Imperial Guard: Game 2

May 29, 2009 ·

May 29, 2009

The Imperial Guard may be the latest codex, but this doesn't mean the Imperial Guard cannot be beaten!

The new Imperial Guard codex gives the Guard cheaper men, cheaper tanks, lots more units and Orders.

Since Imperial Guard game 1, it has been confirmed that Imperial Guard vehicle squadrons are cannot receive Orders.

There are also some other Imperial Guard rules which Marc clarified since our last game -not that I can actually remember them now. I think I'll have to actually buy an Imperial Guard codex of my own for future reference.

Like so many of the current Warhamemr 40K armies, beating the new Imperial Guard army requires some thought. Simply sitting in cover and outshooting them is no longer an option thanks to their reduced costs and special Orders. Instead, you have to play on the Imperial Guard army's weaknesses, which is numbers over mobility and the poor quality of their troops. But more on this in a moment.

On 40K Bank Holiday Monday I played James with his Ravenwing and achieved an unprecidented win in a mission I have always struggled with previously by putting my entire Tau Warhammer army in reserve.

This put me in good practice for my second game against the Imperial Guard.
However, Marc's Imperial Guard army was back and this time it was even more disgusting than before.

Thankfully we'd cleared up the bit about Imperial Guard tank squadrons not being able to receive Orders. But now that his army had a Sanctioned Psyker squad and the Leman Russ squadron had been refitted with a trio of Vanquisher cannons to add to the horde of infantry with a lascannon fetish.

The Imperial Guard were horribly biased towards killing Tau tanks at long range and looking at his list, I felt that there was no way I could win this game. He even went so far as to take a Devildog when he could have simply taken a Hellhound and removed 'some' suspicion that he'd grossly tailored his army to destroying mine.

Convinced that I had no chance against his Imperial Guard army, I began formulating my plan and took my 1500 points Tau army as always.


The Tau Empire Strikes Back

Game: Capture & Control
Deployment: Dawn of War
Opponent: Marc Cook, Imperial Guard

Command Squad with master of the fleet and lascannon team. All have camo cloaks.

10 Sanctioned Psykers

Infantry Platoon 1:
command group with lascannon team
10 Imperial Guard with lascannon team and melta gun
10 Imperial Guard with lascannon team and melta gun

Infantry Platoon 2:
command group with lascannon team
10 Imperial Guard with lascannon team and melta gun
10 Imperial Guard with lascannon team and melta gun

Devildog with heavy bolter

Leman Russ Tank Squadron:
Tank Commander Special Character (whose name I forget)
Leman Russ Vanquisher with lacannon hull and heavy bolter sponsons
Leman Russ Vanquisher with lacannon hull and heavy bolter sponsons
Leman Russ Vanquisher with lacannon hull and heavy bolter sponsons

Marc won the roll, choosing the side with the most terrain and placed his base counter to my right flank, inside a building.
Meanwhile, I placed my base counter in the centre of my deployment zone, right at the back, on the edge of a building.

When it came to deployment he put down 2 Imperial Guard infantry squads as stated in the rulebook. However, it is important to note that the Codex ALWAYS overrides the rule book unless stated in otherwise in an FAQ. So this meant that Marc could continue to deploy his entire Imperial Guard platoons as single troop choices for the mission set up.

Pleased at this, he deployed his infantry units evenly across his deployment zone, sticking to the cover of the buildings. He placed 2 command teams in the Chaos Temple at the centre of the board so they would be in cover and within 12" of his squads to issue Orders. Meanwhile, he placed the Imperial Guard Commander and his squad in the building further to the right flank on top of the objective. Presumably this was because of the 3+ cover saves granted to them by their camo cloaks, or rather, 2+ if they Go To Ground.

Meanwhile the Leman Russ squadron, Devildog and Sanctioned Psykers would arrive on the 1st turn.

I chose to hold everything in reserve, which some might say was madness because of his Master of the Fleet, which would delay my reserves by subtracting 1 from my dice rolls. In actual fact, I was counting on this to keep as many units off the table for as long as possible. I also announced that my Tau Battlesuit teams would be Deep Striking.

The Imperial Guard infantry remained in position, awaiting the arrival of the Tau. The Leman Russ Vanquisher squadron rolled on from my left flank, between two of the ruined buildings, while the Devildog moved down the centre, towards the Chaos Temple. Finally, the Sanctioned Psykers came on behind the Imperial Guard Command squad and hid behind the building.

Turn 2
The Imperial Guard held position.
The Leman Russ Vanquishers continued to rumble forward, as did the Devildog, which parked up behind the Chaos Temple.

I rolled for my reserves, needing a 5+ to bring Tau units on to the table. I prayed that nothing would show up until next turn, but I was not so lucky. 1 Tau Devilfish carrying 6 Tau Firewarriors and my Tau Battlesuit command team armed with plasma rifles and missile pods arrived.

With nowhere safe to go, I moved the Tau Devilfish alongside a building on the right flank, opposite the Imperial Guard Commander and his squad. The Tau Firewarriors disembarked and run up the levels of the building, taking up positions in the windows to fire at the Imperial Commander next turn. In the meantime, the Devilfish fired its smart missile system at one of the Imperial Guard command teams in the Chaos Temple, killing two of the Imperial guardsmen, but the command team held their ground.

Meanwhile I had my Tau Battlesuit command team to Deepstrike in. I could land them behind the Leman Russs squdron (risky) or on the right flank, besides the Imperial Commander and his squad in the building. As it was a safer place to land, I went for the latter, rolling a HIT on the scatter dice.

Their firepower would be a waste against the Imperial Commander or the Psykers, so they fired their missile pods at the side armour of the Devildog, stunning the crew and preventing it from moving or shooting next turn.

The stunned Devildog fired its smoke launchers.

The Leman Russ squadron continued their advance, sighting the Tau Battlesuit team from around the ruins and combined their fire with the Imperial Guard Commander's squad and the Sanctioned Psykers.

Now this is where I was very lucky. Because when Marc had explained what the Psykers combined power "Soul Storm" does, he said it was a range 36" strength 10 hit. Not quite true. It's the same strength as the number of models in the Sanctioned Spsyker squadron (although it can be reduced togive -1 to leadership checks for every point of strength sacrificed) and has a Large Blast Template. Not only that, by the AP value is D6. Wish I'd know that BEFORE I Deep Striked my Tau Battlesuits there.

So 1-3, I'd have to rely on cover saves or 4-6 I'd get my regular 3+ save. Luckily Marc rolled the latter.

From the mass of fire, I lost both shield drones and a Tau Battlesuit bodyguard took a wound. Then I had to take a Leadership test on -2 because the Psykers had hit me with a Strength 8 shot. I passed the Leadership roll.

Finally, every other lascannon on the board was aimed at the Tau Devilfish, with two shots hitting, one deflected by the disruption pod and the other immobilising the vehicle. Not a worry, I didn't plan to move it anyway.

This time the Tau Skyray and Hammerhead heavy support tanks arrived and stopped alongside the recently immobilised Devilfish.

The Skyray targetted the now active Devildog with its markerlights, hitting twice.

(Marc insisted he should get a cover save against markerlights. Sorry, but no, you don't. Please clarify this in an FAQ to stop arguments GW and at the same time make the smart missile system doesn't-need-line-of-sight-rule deny cover saves against models not actually IN cover, just hidden BEHIND it.)

The Hammerhead locked on to the markerlights with its railgun, using +1 to hit and -1 to the Devildog's cover save. So hitting on 2+, glancing on a 2 and Marc rolling to save on a 5+.

The slug hits, glances and I roll a 5. -2 for a glance, +1 for an AP1 weapon and the total is 4: Immobilised.

The Tau Firewarriors in the building fire through the ruins to 1 Sanctioned Psyker they can see, killing him.

Meanwhile their Devilfish continues to fire at the Imperial Guard command team in the Chaos Temple, inflicting another wound, but the squad doesn't break.

The Tau Battlesuit Commander and Bodyguard move forward and are clearly within charge range of the Imperial Commander and his squad or the Sanctioned Psykers.

Now had Marc given his Imperial Guard Commander a power sword, I'd have been reluctant to charge him. Meanwhile the Sanctioned Psykers come with a laspistol and close combat weapon. I didn't want to shoot either of them for fear of living myself outside of combat and exposed to another round of shooting. So I took the chance to charge the Imperial Commander, if only to delay any special Orders for a turn or two while my Battlesuits sold their lives dearly.

In the close combat little happened with the Imperial Guard Commander sustaining a single wound and the squad held their ground.

Rather than charge the Sanctioned Psykers into close combat, Marc moved them to take aim at the Firewarrior squad in the building, mustering their powers to inflict a Strength 6 attack with -4 Leadership in an attempt to make the squad flee off the table. The attack missed completely.

I did wonder if Marc was going easy on me at this point when he could have torn my Tau Battlesuits to shreds in close combat.

In a way I wish he had. Not only because those Tau Battlesuits did nothing else for the rest of the game, but because my next turn would have been equally, if not more devastating because of it.

His tanks and lascannons fired en masse at the Skyray, either finding that they had no line of sight due to intervening models, terrain or that they were out of range. Pask's vanquisher cannon hit home, but was delfected by the Skyray's disruption pod.

Meanwhile the combat between the Imperial Commander's squas and the Tau Commander Battlesuit team raged with both sides losing a single wound and the combat ending in a draw, but now the Tau Battlesuits were outnumbered.

This turn the two remaining Tau Devilfish and the Tau Broadsides arrived as well as the Tau Battlesuit team armed with twin linked flamers and missile pods who Deep Striked on to the battlefield.

The Tau Broadsides walked on to the right flank behind the Hammerhead while the Devilfish took up positions around the objective in the centre of my deployment zone. The one to the left of the building disembarked its Tau Firewarrior squad who ran into the shelter of the building, remaining within 6" of the Tau objective marker while the second Devilfish (still full of Firewarriors) parked 6" away also, but behind the ruined building.

The Devilfish fired at the Imperial Guard command teams in the Chaos Temple, wiping out the last of the squad on the right and reducing the other to 3 men, but they held their ground.

With nowhere safe to go, I elected to Deep Strike my Tau Battlesuit team between the two buildings in the centre of the Imperial Guard deployment zone. To the right was Sanctioned Psykers and my Tau Battlesuit Command team fighting the Imperial Guard Commander and his squad. To the left was 20 Imperial Guardsmen in the cover of ruins. I had about 4" room to scatter either way with relative safety.

I placed the Tau battlesuit team leader and rolled the scatter dice. There was nothing I could really do with this squad and I would never get their flamers into range unless I went for it.

The scatter dice tumbled across the table, rolling a HIT. Marc didn't seem bothered.

I Then assessed where to place the following models around the team leader to maximise the range of their flamers while leaving a gap to the team leader's flamer to fire through.

Three twin linked flamers fired upon the Sanction Psyker Squad with each Tau Battlesuit hitting between 4 and 6 models, totalling in 15 hits.

Now Marc looked worried, especially when I said I would be wounding on 3+ and rerolling to wound because they were twin linked. 14 wounds later and the Psykers were incinerated. Rather fitting for a bunch of witches, even if the Tau aren't a supersicious bunch.

The Tau Skyray held position, locking on to the Devildig with another 2 markerlights which were used by the Tau Broadsides to hit on 2+, then they both rolled 1 to penetrate. Oh dear.

The Tau Hammerhead moved forward and fired at the Devildog, penetrating the hull and causing a massive explosion which killed two Imperial guardsmen in the building at the back of the board. That's the way to do it!

The Tau Battlesuit command team continued their drunken brawl with the Imperial Guard Commander, which ended with no wounds and another draw.

The remaining Imperial Guard command team issued orders the 20 Guardsmen at the back of the board to First Rank Fire! Second Rank Fire! giving them 3 rapid fire shots with each of their lasguns at the Tau Battlesuits armed with the dreaded twin linked flamer. The hits from lasguns, lascannons and melta guns were equally divided throughout the Tau Battlesuit squad with the melta guns and lascannons being placed on the drones and the lasguns mostly placed on the Tau Battlesuits themselves.

Ironically, had Marc not declared First Rank Fire! Second Rank Fire! I wouldn't have been able to allocated all of the lascannon and melta gun hits to the shield drones because there wouldn't have been so many wounds from the lasguns to balance out. Now there's something to think about for the Imperial Guard players!

I miraculously saved both shield drones, but took 2 wounds from lasguns on the Tau Battlesuits and had to remove 1 model, but it wasn't enough to force a break test.

The Leman Russ Squadron also fired at the Tau Battlesuits with flamers, but the hits were saved by the shield drones again.

The remaining command team in the Chaos Temple and the 20-man Imperial Guard squad on the far left flank Destroyed the Tau Devilfish in the centre of my deployment zone (which I pretty much expected, hence why the Firewarriors had disembarked into the building.)

Meanwhile the Tau Battlesuit Commander and his remaining bodyguard won the combat against the Imperial Commander and his cronies, inflicting two wounds which saw then fail their leadership test, only to be chased and caught. The Tau Battlesuit Command team then consolidated into the safety of the ruins.

The Skyray was out of range, but the Hammerhead and Broadsides weren't who opened fire on the Leman Russ Vanquisher squadron, penetrating one of the tanks and immobilising it.

It's important to note that when a tank in a vehicle squadron is immobilised, because it can't keep up with the other vehicles it is counted as Destroyed.

Finally, the Tau Battlesuits with twin flamers jumped forwards to the edge of the cover occupied by the 20 Imperial Guard in the centre and opened fire with their flamers, reducing them to just 7 models. But they held their ground and did not run. The Tau Battlesuits then jumped back 6" out of charge range.

We rolled a dice to see if the game continued...and it did.

Rather than risk more damage from the railguns, Marc manouvered his Leman Russ Vanquishers behind the Chaos Base out of signt from the Hammerhead and Broadsides and opened fire on the Tau Devilfish behind the building in the centre, but only succeeded in immobilising it.

He ran the 20 Imperial Guard on the left flank along side the tanks using a Move Move Move order. I have no idea why, although they had nothing to shoot at and there was a Tau Battlesuit flamer team nearby.

Speaking of which, the remaining 7 Imperial Guardsman opened fire with their lasguns, lascannons and melta guns, inflicting 2 wounds which were once agains negated by the shield drones.

In my turn, my army could see very little and didn't need to move, but for the Tau Battlesuit team with twin linked flamers who finished off the Imperial Guard in the building.

We rolled a dice to see if the game continued...and it ended.

The game ends.

Victory to the Tau Empire!

Imperial Guard -Game 2 Thoughts:
Just because I've beaten the Imperial Guard doesn't mean I can rest on my laurels.

I know that the Imperial Guard will be back and probably with a lot of Valkyries and Vendettas. Marc has yet to exploit all the new tricks that the new Imperial Guard codex has to offer, but this game has led me to make some very interesting ways to exploit the Imperial Guard.

The most obvious use was Master of the Fleet, which have the Imperial Guard +1 to reserve rolls while their opponent suffers a -1 and can be forced to reroll for outflanking units.

Well, as I didn't fancy getting shot, I put everything in reserve. At first glance this seems like a bad idea, but considering the Imperial Guard's lack of mobility, it's actually quite brilliant as it forces your Imperial Guard opponent to waste 2 turns, preferably more.

Also, if you end up playing a 'battle of the reserves' then your stuff is going to be arriving second and as a result your units will get the first round of shooting in.

The other example of using their bonuses against them was when Marc used Fire Ranke Fire! Second Rank Fire! Because of the number of wounds inflicted from the mass of lasguns, I was able to strategically allocated all 4 melta gun and lascannon wounds on to the shield drones rather than spreading them evenly through the squad, which would have resulted in 2 dead Tau Battlesuits. Instead I got to make more armour saves and keep more models.

Looking back over the game itself, the idea to keep everything in reserve was to draw out the game for as long as possible as I felt that I had no hope of winning due to the sheer volume of lascannons and vanquisher cannons.

However, now that we've clarified that Imperial Guard vehicles CANNOT take Orders, the Imperial Guard aren't quite so scary.

They're still good, don't get me wrong (and this army was grossly optimised to kill mine), but they're not quite so horribly unbalanced.

I was surprised that Marc didn't place his objective counter centrally or where his main cluster of troops was going to be deployed. The same for his Commander and when he chose not to charge the Psykers, but have them fire instead, I felt that maybe he was giving me a chance.

However, I don't feel that these factors made much of a difference.

Imperial Guard Orders aren't that scary when it's bog standard infantry shooting at you (which is what they work on most of the time) and as a result his Commander and squad aren't really that scary. However, I did expect them to have a power weapon in there.

Also, now that I know what the Sanctioned Psykers can do, I could have been less inclined to Deep Strike right next to them. But there was nowhere else to go and I didn't care if the Tau Battlesuits died. The same goes for the Battlesuits with flamers. They could have died, but I had to go for it. I was lucky, even though I chose a reasonably sensible location with room for minor scatter. Either way it paid off and the carnage wreaked by 3 twin linked flamers is quite awesome!

This was a strange game for me, because I'd resigned myself to defeat from the start, but intended to draw the game out for as long as possible and ended up doing rather well and even passed a health amount of disruption pod saves.

Had this been an Imperial Guard mechanised army I would have been facing less men, more mobility and less lascannons, which would have been better for me in a shoot out, but worse in objective grabbing and moving around the board.

Not sure about the Valkyries, storm troops, veterans and Vendettas as they are the new toys in the Imperial Guard Codex. I imagine that similar sorts of reserves tricks would work, although Vendettas scare me, but only when there are 6 of them.

I continue to have nothing but sheer love for the Tau army in 5th edition. Not only as a force that's difficult to win with, but so intensely tactical that you can always win with them, even if the odds are stacked against you and your opponent has crafted an army specifically to kill you.

Some of my friends are insisting that the Tau are an overpowered army, which is the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard. I'm just playing them well after 2 years of solid gaming with nothing but Tau. Just wait until I unleash my finished Space Wolves army upon them!

But for now the Imperial Guard may be beaten, but they are not yet defeated.


steve g. said...
May 29, 2009 at 9:37 AM  

Congrats on the win. Nice report a good read as always. But just to help you understand the IG a bit better, here a couple of rule clarification.

The power of the psyker squad is EITHER a blast or the minus Ld power. The blast doean't give a minus Ld. The overseer is not a psyker so is number doesn't count toward the ST of the blast of the minus to the Ld.

Also, the master of the fleet is -1 to the opponent's reserve and it's the astropath that give +1 to the player's reserve. So if you want the +1 and -1 you have to buy to model for the command squad (each model costing 30 points).

Get yourself a copy of the codex before you play against him again, or have him read the codex again.

Raptor1313 said...
May 29, 2009 at 10:29 AM  

Yeah, you got gypped with the psychic powers. The squad's a single 'psyker' in terms of psychic tests, and he can use one power: Weaken Resolve OR Soulstorm.

Plus, the squad will never hit more than '9', since it's got 9 psykers. It's also horridly vulnerable to perils of the warp, since a Perils eats d3 psykers (and if you manage to remove the overseer, each individual gets Perils, which means they get dead.)

In a sense, you're lucky he brought Vanquisher cannons. They're honestly not so cool when they're BS3; sure they get range and 2d6 penetration, but they don't get accuracy. A Battle Cannon might not be as effective vs. armor, but it's also solid vs. a variety of targets whereas a Vanquisher is just 'eh' at killing armor. Has to HIT first.

You've also hit on the Master of the Fleet's problem: Guard are a shooty army, and MotF means he gets less time to shoot at you. And, it gives you first shot, which can be important against the Guard.

I don't think you can say the army was actually optimized to kill you; it was just MEANT to be optimized to kill you. I think you would've worried more about a vanilla Russ slamming a battlecannon shot into a crisis suit team, where the S8 AP3 is more likely to insta-fry a suit or three.

Vendettas would be troubelsome, but all Tau vehicles carry their own cover saves with them, so it's not such a scary proposition. I'd worry more about a Vendetta's ability to crank 2-3 instant-death wounds onto a crisis suit team. I'd also worry about a Valk/Vendetta being able to run up and drop meltagun vets on you; three BS4 meltaguns are kind of painful.

And Tau, overpowered?

What happens when soemthing gets across the board to engage Tau in melee? That's all I've got to offer on the subject. I'm slowly building up my own Tau force, and I'm amused that people would call Tau overpowered. Shooty? Yes. Nasty across the board? Yes. But they pay for it if anyone ever gets into hand-to-hand with them. The codex has...what, ONE power weapon in it, should you be willing to take Farsight? Thought so.

Anthony Yeates said...
May 29, 2009 at 2:35 PM  

I'm fairly sure he can't depoly a whole platoon as one of his troop units. The Codex does say "Each Infantry Platoon counts as a single choice Troops choice on the force orginaization chart when deploying..." But the rule book clearly " ...deploy up to two units from his Troops selection and up to one unit from his HQ selections..."

Anyway, nice reports, and yeah twin flamer suits are great fun to use.

Eskil said...
May 29, 2009 at 4:10 PM  

theres a bunch of rules flaws in how your friend plays the new codex. force him to re-read and do read it yourself.

Anonymous said...
May 29, 2009 at 5:21 PM  

SinSynn here-
Well played victory, sir. Congrats.
I have yet to beat the new Guard, but have fought them to a draw.
Thanks to the folks who replied to my issue about equipping free Drone Controllers on a Stealth Suit team to cut down the points when you want to give just one guy an upgrade. The rules for drone controllers say you must bring a drone....*sigh* damn. I'm trying so hard to get these guys in the list but they're so expensive I wonder if I'm sacrificing too much just because A: I like the models, and B: Some part of me really digs the idea of a stealthy, recon-specialist, mecha-ninja navy seal type team running around with the markerlight drones just being freaky cool and lighting up dudes for my SkyRay and Broadsides to vaporise.
But jeez, between like 120 and 185 or so for a fully tricked team of 3...really? How bad do I want these guys? More than a Crisis Team? Something to think on.
Anyway, thanks to those who helped.
Still lovin' this blog so much. Every time I read it, I'm actually proud to be a Tau player. We are a different breed, I think.
Now I just gotta figure out a way to beat the Guard.....
Everything in reserve, you say? Hmmmm..........

Soundwave said...
May 30, 2009 at 3:38 AM  

Markerlights - Just to let you know, it's not a rule that needs to be FAQ'd. In the rulebook it states that cover saves are taken against WOUNDS, not HITS. A markerlight merely hits the model, and doesn't wound it. Therefore, no cover save :D

Anonymous said...
May 31, 2009 at 9:07 AM  

Gday mate,

I dont play Tau (I play Eldar I found my way to your blog from Fritz' way of Saim Hann) anyway I play games with 5-6 Wave Serpents usually held in reserve, I havent played against the new guard yet though I like to think ahead and plan for these things and at first their master of the (fleet?) worried me with the -1 to my reserve rolls, then I got into thinking "what the hell I just wont use my Autarch ability and Ill hide half the game".

As this was only a theory I had I wasnt sure how it would go in practice but after reading your bat rep it seems to have worked fairly well for you (though you mustve rolled fairly high to get 2 units in still). Also you brought to my attention an added bonus I hadnt conceived that was with their flanking Valks (which did bring me some concern), a -1 to my reserve roll (and Im pretty sure theyd like taking the +1 to their roll guy aswell as who wants expensive units missing half a match?) would still help me get the jump by coming in after them.

Nice batrep and nice blog =)

*hides back into the shadows and watches the Tau and their strategies*


Raptor1313 said...
June 1, 2009 at 10:02 AM  

A further note...

I'm in the process of picking up Tau, and giving the codex a read-through.

The Smart Missile System seems to clarify the cover issue.

'the target can count the benefits of the cover they are in, or are touching it if it lies between them and the firer.'

Looks to me like you have to be in/touching the area terrain; just standing with it between you and the SMS won't save you.

Adam Hunter said...
June 1, 2009 at 10:38 AM  

Intriguing. I'm going to go ask my usual tourney organiser about this.

X7373Z said...
June 18, 2009 at 10:41 PM  

Tau overpowered? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! no not even close. like long range power? YES but not overly powerful. you wanna know what's overpowered? Eldar, thats what. I mean tau have 3 things so far that they are lacking: Titans, Psyckers, and close combat. two of those (psykers and close combat) are used in regular games all the time. and in armageddon games its a real kicker to not have a huge walking crisis suit or mega hammerhead with a heavy railgun to take down those big tanks and titans... unless you get yourself one of those ridiculously priced forgeworld fliers.

I have a titan that i'm making based off of a covenant scarab and is going to be majorly retrofitted to look more tau like (including a new paint job) and will be holding two tau heavy railguns. oh and don't give me that 'tau aren't supposed to use heavy vehicles because they are supposed to be a mobile army' crap cuz eldar have super heavy grav tanks and titans with jet packs so don't give me that crap!

also i think that your first game was WAY to bad considering that no orders can be given to vehicles... but aside from that i think that my friend, who plays imperial guard, could take a few lessons from your imperial guard friend. and on a unrelated note i kick my friends ass with my tau army all the time XD.

regsta said...
July 31, 2009 at 6:42 PM  

lovely game indeed since I am starting my own Tau army after finishing my guard lol.Very good tactic putting the army in reserve and it was an enjoyable battle report as always

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