Tau Reinforcements

August 31, 2009 ·

Things have been quiet with Warhammer Tau of late. I haven't played much Warhammer 40K this summer due to one thing and another. But that's about to change. Especially when we have another weekend of Warhammer in Nottingham coming up. So with a campaign in the planning stages by yours truly, I've ordered a suitable amount of Tau reinforcements for my army.

I just typing this up while the washing is spinning, before I drive to James's for a spot of dinner and a game of Warhammer 40K on this fine and sunny British bank holiday Monday. Sadly no photos this time, as my camera battery has died and I appear to have lost the charger since moving into my apartment, which is a real bother.

Anyway, I've nearly finished painting my twin flamer/missile pod Tau Battlesuit squad. So with everything in my army case painted, it's time for the next wave of Tau reinforcements.

7 Tau Battlesuits
5 Tau Skyrays
Loads of Bits from The WarStore

In the meantime I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Space Hulk boxed set. I had a quick look at the box in my local gaming store and was very excited. So excited that I nearly told off the shop owner for not assembling the whole thing so we could play a game!

It sounds like the washing is finished. I'd best be off!


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