Orks VS Tau - Another Attempt

September 16, 2009 ·

September 16, 2009

Disheartened by my three dreadful games this weekend, I arranged another game against Marc's Orks, this time with a revised list.

I took a squad of Kroot to Outflank and either assault or run for an objective, some Pathfinders on recommendation from a few tourney players, a couple of piranhas for some much needed melta guns and a second Hammerhead in place of the Skyray. I also gave the Broadsides targeting arrays instead of Assisted Stabilisation Systems.

Game: Secure Ground (3 objectives)
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Players: Marc, Orks, VS Adam, Tau Empire

In the meantime, Marc had also modified his list, ditching the killa kans and deff dread in favour of Snikrot and 15 kommandos equipped with 2 burnas.

This unit would then be held in reserve and could come on from ANY board edge, preferably in the turn that Marc calls his WAAAGH! for maximum movement and close combat potential.

We rolled off. Marc chose his table edge, set up 2 counters in it, while I placed 1 counter in mine. He set up first and went first.

His deployment was pretty straightforward and would plow straight down the board, veering off in whatever direction took his fancy.

I also deployed centrally to make the most of my firepower for a single turn with the intention to then break off into two halves. I knew he could only come for one half of my army (or so the text book for his army implies).

However, due to the slow and fragile nature of my units, I wasn't convinced by this! But what the hell. I was also cautious to stay away from the board edges as best I could to avoid Snikrot and his Kommandos who could quite easily decimate Battlesuits and tanks alike with little effort.

The Orks sped toward the Tau gunline cheering wildly. The Tau formation began to break apart, blowing up the Trukk with the Battlesuits and destroying the Big Mek's Battlewagon with railguns.

In the following turn Ghazghull called his WAAAGH!! and the Orks surged forward. The Trukk mob slaughtered the Pathfinders, the Big Mek's mob charged the a Devilfish, but were only able to stun it.

Ghazghul jumped off his Battlewagon, then charged and killed all the Battlesuits before his Nobz retinue could get a look in.

The Ork Boyz in the last Battlewagon charged another Devilfish and destroyed it.

Seeing that all was lost, the Tau skimmers made for the Ork deployment zone, far away from the Orks!

The Hammerheads opened fire on the Battlewagons, along with the Broadsides, destroying one Battlewagon between them.

The Hammerheads used their target locks to combine their smart missile systems with that of the nearby Devilfish, killing a handful of Orks.

One of the Devilfish was too slow to get away and got charged by the Big Mek's mob again and was immobilised.

On the left flank, the Hammerhead was hit by a rokkit from the nearby Boyz squad, glanced and stunned, so it couldn't move or shoot.

Ghazghul killed all the Broadsides before his Nobz could get a look in yet again.

Snikrot didn't arrive from reserve.

After a few turns of stunned or immobile skimmers and brutal close combat, only a single Hammerhead and 6 Tau Firewarriors on foot were left, huddled around an objective in the Orks deployment zone.

The Big Mek's mob had been sent fleeing, as had Snikrot's after they had torn apart the Kroot in close combat after the alien mercenaries had Outflanked from reserve and run towards and objective.

With all the transports gone it was up to the Orks to make their way on foot towards the Tau firewarriors.

On Turn 5 the Tau Hammerhead sped towards the objective in the Tau deployment zone, hoping that the game would end. Then the Tau would scrape a victory by contesting the Ork held objective while Tau Firewarriors claimed an objective in the Ork deployment zone.

But the Hammerhead fell short and the game continued for another turn.

The Hammerhead was torn apart by Ghazghul while his Nobz squad who walked off on their own gunned down the Tau firewarriors from a distance, killing 3 of them and forcing a break test, which they failed, leaving the objective unclaimed.

In hindsight I should have spaced my forces out right from the start and begun running much earlier. I would simply have to accept that whatever Snikrot attacked when he and his Kommandos came on would die.

Then again, I'm still not fast enough to get away from all the Orks.
God help me when Marc swaps Snikrot and his Kommandos for some Nob Bikerz.

I had a chat with Marc after the game and he made some suggestions. Then I told him how much each of my units cost and his attitude changed.

"So they're like the Grey Knights," he said "overpriced for what they are and not very good under the new rules."

I'm going to give the Tau another whirl, this time I'm dropping the Pathfinders because they were useless, dropping the Piranhas because they're too expensive for a suicide squad, giving ALL my tanks flechette dischargers and have a 2-man Tau Battlesuit team with twin linked flamers and single missile pods.

I probably won't get another game in unil next weekend - so stay tuned!


Dverning said...
September 16, 2009 at 11:50 AM  

I don't know if it was just a confusion of your re-telling, but this line made me wonder:
"We rolled off. Marc chose his table edge, set up 2 counters in it, while I placed 1 counter in mine. He set up first and went first."

So with a Seize Ground, there should actually be multiple roll offs for priority. The objectives get placed BEFORE you roll for deployment zones or first turn.

Also, a Seize Ground requires the the objectives be 12" away from the table edge. If you were playing the Pitched Battle on a standard 48" board, your deployment zone should be 12" out. Yet in the picture of your deployments, the hull of your Devilfish is in line or even just a bit in front of your objective...

Last, I have to disagree with your friend about the competitiveness of Tau. Tau ARE still competitive and decently costed. They're just an army that requires more thought and skill. Just because an army isn't simple, doesn't mean it's worthless. Just looking at your deployment, I can see you still need some practice...


Sholto said...
September 16, 2009 at 3:17 PM  

You came close to winning. Rather than outflanking with your Kroot, why not try using them to screen your core units, so the Orks have to waste a Turn or two ploughing through them? With their infiltrate they can set up just outside your deployment zone, but outwith 1st Turn charge range of the orks.

And why not put all your pathfinders on the 2nd storey of that building? It would have kept them safer from assault.

The piranhas are best used for what you tried to use your Hammerhead for on Turn 5 - making 24" dashes to contest objectives the enemy thought were safe.

brent said...
September 16, 2009 at 4:05 PM  

I think you're right about using the flechette dischargers on all of your tanks.
I hope you can get a lot of games in to help you figure out what units you want to take. ^^

O'Kais said...
September 16, 2009 at 5:26 PM  

I agree with Dverning and Sholto. Tau are competitive and one of the best armies out there. And Kroots are necessary for your army. Kroot are basically are large wall of bodies to give your army another chance in shooting. They also have a ton of utility like pushing back infiltrators, protecting against deepstrikers, blocking outflankers etc. They are literally the most useful troop anyone can have.

I also have to believe that the twinlinked-flamer suits is not so great. You need to get close to fire it. It be better if you use all fireknife (plasma/missile pod) and make your suits start shooting from turn 1 with both weapons rather than just waiting for them to come close to use your flamers. Not to mention both weapons wound most things on 2s.

I hope this helps.

Old Shatter Hands said...
September 16, 2009 at 6:45 PM  

Tough break, man. Don't ditch your piranhas too soon, they just require a little more practice. I actually really liked this list, it just needs to be used better.

I'm guessing you played Capture and Control, right? So I would have placed that your objective in a far corner, and delpoyed my force there as well. Yes, Snitgrot is going to eat one unit and you can probably guess which so feed him a unit, but keep a retaliation unit nearby to blow him to bits.

Then use your piranhas to zip around until you can contest his objective turn 5 (make sure to turbo boost for a 4+ cover save). If the piranhas get killed, their drones can pop out and contest still!

The key against an ork list like that is to keep your distance and take out the trukks and battlewagons first, once he's foot sloggin it, the game is yours.

And yes, vs. orks, Flachettes are well worth their points.

Adam said...
September 16, 2009 at 10:07 PM  


1) Kroot suck. I don't know what's happening in other people's games, but mine tend to get hit by a flamer or simply charged and killed.

2) You can't keep your distance from this army. It has an effective 29" charge range from Turn 2. So if (for example) all the Battlewagons were huddled around the centre, you'd never be outside of their charge range

Managarm said...
September 17, 2009 at 2:30 AM  

Tough game, Adam. When I see your lists, I always think, that's the way to go. But I have the same problems you have in keeping the distance to the opponent. That don't have to be orks, honestly every other army can beat tau in close combat. That's really tough and I haven't come up with a solution so far.
But I think you shouldn't dump the kroot so quickly. Admittedly I have no experience with broadsides but I could imagine that a screen of kroot around them could save them at least one turn of fire. But on the other hand, broadsides are a static element in this army and maybe the possibility to move is the key against fast armies.
Regarding the piranhas, I would think they are too expensive for hiding them all the game. I always see them equipped with meltas, but wouldn't it be better to keep them as cheap as possible when their only role is to stay alive and zip around to contest objectives from turn five on?

Old Shatter Hands said...
September 17, 2009 at 7:46 AM  

Adam, I must be missing something. How is this army getting a 29 inch charge range. Here's what I count:
12 inch battlewagon move, 2 inch disembark, 6 inch Waaagh! move, 6 inch assault. That 26 inches. OK, so a 3 inch differnce is not really going to make a huge difference. But I've faced similar armies and managed to keep my distance, by feeding units to the enemy. This also gets him to waste his waaagh! early on.

I had a game a couple weeks ago vs an ork army just like this. Only difference was he had only 1 battlewagon, but 4 trucks! Powerclaws all over the place. big Mek confering a 4+ cover save to all vehicles.

I would feed him units to get him to disembark if I wasn't able to destroy his trucks. It was a rout. Of course, it was spearhead deployement so he couldn't deploy in the center. One thing he did was outflank with deffkoptas. messed up two of my vehicles but I still managed to nearly wipe out his army.

Adam, don't discouraged-get even! Orks are not an easy kill for Tau but they aren't the hardest kill either.

Adam said...
September 17, 2009 at 7:50 AM  

Okay, let me explain.

12 inch battlewagon move, 1 inch for Red Paint Job, 2 inch disembark (measured to the back of the base, as illustrated in the rulebook) 2 inches for MegaNobz base, 6 inch Waaagh! move, 6 inch assault. That's 29 inches.

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