Space Hulk Week

September 6, 2009 ·

Space Hulk arrived on Tuesday. Since then I have been playing lots of Space Hulk. I've now played the first 4 Space Hulk missions as both space marines and genestealers and it's been a blast!

We've had fun with the door switches. A Genestealer with a door switch is a fantastic way to waste overwatch ammo...well, until the assault cannon blew a hole straight through the door, then shredded the Genestealer who was hammering the Open/Close button.

It soon become apparent that you need to destroy some of the doors, which makes the space marine with the chainfist invaluable. Similarly, the Genestealer player needs to use a variety of cunning ploys to stop himself from getting hosed down by storm bolters, set alight by the heavy flamer or simply smashed round the head by the thunder hammer. Yes, the space marine sergeant armed with thunder hammer and storm shield is a close combat monster!

In Space Hulk mission 2: 'Exterminate' we discovered just how good the thunder hammer sergeant was when a huge Genestealer swarm got into the central room which was being defended by all 5 terminators. When the space marines' guns jammed or they couldn't get any more overwatch shots, the sergeant decimated whatever was left in close combat in very short order. Suddenly there were only 3 blips left, so I sent him off down the corridor on his own, screaming "For The Emperoar!!" He killed 8 more Genestealers before the last one ripped him apart. Awesome.

Space Hulk is fantastically tactical in everyway for both the space marine player and the genestealer player. While it's nice to let the space marine player win so you can continue the narrative, the genestealer player has a tough time once the space marine player knows what they're doing. But there are even more tactics to exploit for the genestealer player.

Like all the games we play, they start out relaxed and friendly, but like Warhammer 40K, Space Hulk is going to escalate into something quite fun and competitive.

For anyone using the egg-timer, we suggest throwing it away. It's supposed to run for 3 minutes, but we timed it and only got 2.2 minutes. Also, we've played some fantastically tactical turns that have turned the tide of a battle which wouldn't be possible under the 3 minute time limit, simply because you wouldn't have time to get all your shots off.


oni said...
September 8, 2009 at 6:59 AM  

I'm gearing up to play my first game with the new release. I have serious reservations about the timer. There's a reason it was ditched for the 2nd edition of the game, I don't know why they felt the needed to bring it back for the 3rd edition.

unitled said...
September 16, 2009 at 8:45 AM  

Hmm, I really like the timer... When we've played, it's really added a extra dimension of tension to the game. Plus, a cunning genestealer player can use it to his advantage by forcing the Marine player to spend his turn doing useless things (hosing down the last few genestealers, opening doors, etc.).

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