Start Building Your Tau Now!

October 19, 2011 ·

The time to start building Tau, Eldar or any other race in Warhammer 40K is right now. And I will explain why.

In part this relates to the Necron leak, which actually came from the printers that Games Workshop employs and has nothing to do with Beast of War or Wayland Games. They merely took an opportunity which has passed them by many times before and capitalised on it.

You may also remember the Grey Knights Codex being leaked on to the internet? This happened because Games Workshop was employing external games testers. Since the leaks, games testing has been brought back in house.

But wait! What kind of external games tester would 'okay' something as powerful as the Grey Knights Codex?

A Taste of Things to Come
Compare the Space Wolves, Imperial Guard, Blood Angels, Grey Knights and Dark Eldar Codex books and there is a clear trend. The armies are becoming far more individualistic with a diverse array of unit choices and weapons as well as unique rules.

So it's safe to say that once this new series of Codex books has spread to each race, no army will be quite the same.

Ironically, the lynch mob that gathered for Matt Ward following the Blood Angels and Grey Knights Codex books may soon herald him as the saviour of the game if this 'powerful' codex' trend is to continue, creating an equal playing field for all.

You may also be surprised to know that while the Grey Knights release was Games Workshop's biggest selling army ever, the Dark Eldar release was a close second. So the xenos races are still popular when they do get some attention from the games developers.

So What Does This All Mean for the Tau Empire?
Simply put, it means that when we do get a new Tau Codex, we can expect it to not only be awesome in terms of rules, tactics and weapons, but we can also expect a whole host of new units.

This is why I plan to start working on my Tau army right now. Then, by the time the new units are released, I can easily incorporate them into my existing army. And I will definitely magnetise all of the weapons on my Crisis and Broadside battlesuits this time!


anucer said...
October 19, 2011 at 2:10 PM  

that's some good news : ) let's jsut hope that the Tau stays the Tau and remain a force relying on heavy strategie and unit dependancies

dijital llama said...
October 20, 2011 at 1:07 AM  

I totally agree. I for one am definitely excited to see what the future holds for armies with the current trend in flexible codices. My main army is ultramarines so I've never really got the Ward bashing, anything that keeps the game freshand evolving has to be a good thing and I'll be getting my small unpainted Tau force ready as well.

Xyhelm said...
October 20, 2011 at 12:12 PM  

From what's been leaked so far about Necrons, they are getting many, many new units--as you have said--but they are also getting major fluff changes. For example, they now have various Lords fighting other Lords which can explain why Necrons would ever fight against other Necrons.

Since the Tau is the fastest growing race in the 40K universe fluff, I'm both exciting and concerned about where they will take the Tau.

I for one, would like to see if they explain the disappearance and possible rebellion of O'Shovah. I've built my army's fluff around this mystery. The new codex will probably be great for me or force me to re-write my army's fluff.

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