40K 6th Edition - Ready Your Railguns!

January 18, 2012 ·

The latest batch of 6th edition rumours insist that the recent leaks were all true...or relatively true.

But while Warhammer Tau (your source for all things tactically Tau) is stubbornly sitting on the fence, there is no denying that a new rule set is right around the corner.

We're still hoping for a new Tau Codex -and why shouldn't we get one soon when only the Eldar and Tau remain on the list of xenos races?

But in the meantime Tau generals seem to be doing just fine by ignoring the objectives and blowing our enemies to atoms with high strength firepower.

The classic strategy of popping all the transports before gunning down the guys inside seems to be working well, provided all your points are spent on Battlesuits and Broadsides, but not on Troops.

Either way, having your Tau hunter cadre built (perhaps painted) and ready to roll for the new edition could catch a lot of players off guard. After all, we can safely assume that we'll be fighting some colour of Space Marines, which allows us to tailor our forces quite perfectly.

As for the 6th edition rule set itself, it's really too early to speculate on how the Tau are going to play. And I feel that's the case with every army whenever a new edition comes out.

It took everyone a while to realise that 5th edition favoured mechanised armies so heavily. For the first 6 months battlefields were absolutely swarming with troops instead.

So it will be interesting to see what this new 'intensely tactical' 6th edition brings. But however the game may change, in the long term it always seems to benefit the players who have 2 armies in their collection - 1 for close combat and 1 for shooting.

Space Wolves are my close combat army. Tau are my shooting army. And I don't know about you, but 6th edition makes me feel very shooty today!


anucer said...
January 18, 2012 at 3:35 PM  

Wow i saw the Beasts of war video... and this makes me think twice about the possiblity of selling my army. This looks great!

Let's just hope it's real and the rest will follow the same path.

And most of all ... a new tau codex!!! what about ALL new codexes, just so the game stay balanced for a while.

If Privateer Press can do it with a crew of about 8 guys, why not the oh so BIG GW!?

Anonymous said...
January 18, 2012 at 11:30 PM  

i'd love to see a new dex for my tau army :-)

i started tau in december last year (they had a close race with sisters of battle) because i like the idea of mobility and out manouvering my opponent.

my first playtest with 1000 points was last weekend and i instantly fell in ♥love♥ with the army.

thoug i should have equiped some plasma guns on my Crisis suits to kill warpspiders... those stupid monsters saved nearly 90 Savingthrows bevor i could kill a 6 man squad whitch totaly demolished my gameplan ;-)

but against the ork army my plan worked... i accidentaly stole the first turn and blew up all pickups first round haha :D

if i had the new railguns i would have killed all 3 with one railgun XD

but i don't have a real meele army... perhaps i should get some of those terminators for my ultramarine bike army and convert them to a dark angels army... hmmm

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