OK, I love the new Tau!

March 30, 2013 · 9 comments

My last post was a little down, I still feel I would have liked to see some more new miniatures (troop choices or different elite choices), however after absorbing the contents of issue 400 of White Dwarf I am a lot happier.
Between the different weapons options and the amazing selection of new drones available I feel it will very easy to create some very flavoursome Tsu armies.

Also I feel that the suggestion that the Kroot and Vespids will be excluded from the codex can be layed to rest. A couple of the WD400 photos of pages from the codex clearly show the Kroot,  and a Kroot Gun is also included in the codex weapons section.

I have even grown to like the Riptide a little more. I won't be rushing out to get one,  but I will probably pick one or two up eventually.

New Tau rules from this weeks White Dwarf

March 28, 2013 · 1 comments

Faeit 212 has a report from a reader of an early copy of this weekends WD:-

Rules Compilation From White Dwarf

The latest White Dwarf is now in hand of some people, and wow, the information is flowing. Here it is in English, the latest information on Games Workshop's latest release... Tau

The following is a large collection of information gleaned from the Siyath that was posted on the Advanced Tau Tactica forums. I have compiled all that information in one place for you.

via  Siyath on Advanced Tau Tactia
I'm lucky enough to have my copy of the WD (English version) already in my hands. I've read only a couple of the first pages showcasing the release (literally just got home and sat down) and already I can say that, for example, the Razorshark can swap it's burst cannon for a missile pod, houses two seeker missiles in compartments above it's wings - plus that the main armament is indeed a quad ion weapon with 360 arc.

Well, more as I go: The Riptide. Apparently it's highly posable, "featuring joints at ankles, knees, hips, waist, shoulders and neck". So this is good news at least modeling-wise. Also, Riptide comes with five support systems - I'm not sure if this means the kit contains five of these or does it indeed have five hardpoints reserved for the various support systems. I suspect the former. There's a mention of a "velocity tracker" as a some kind of a new support system.

Why am I not inspired by the new Tau?

March 27, 2013 · 17 comments

Firstly, we finally have a blurry image of the cover of the new Tau Codex.

Now this may be a bit contentious but, the more I see of the new Tau models, the more disappointed I become. Certainly there is some nice work there. I like the new Broadsides and the Flyers for example. However, on the whole there haven't been any great additions to the Tau model range. I suppose I was hoping for something along the lines of the last Dark Eldar or Necron releases, with virtually a completely new range of models and the addition of quite a few new figures and vehicles. As it is the only new units we got were the flyers and the Riptide battlesuit.

On first examination of the new stuff I will be picking up the flyers and probably a Broadsides (although I wont be parting with the original ones...). I like the Crisis suit Commander, it is quite dynamic, but I could have modified one of the standard suits and achieved similar results myself.
The new Pathfinders are OK, and I will probably get a set eventually, mainly to get hold of the new drones.

As for the Riptide, I wont be rushing out to get one... It looks far to "anime" for my taste. Now I will add, I am not a tournament player, and as such, my Tau army is built on what I like rather than what wins games. So there may well be a lot of sense in using Riptide suits in tournaments, but I can't justify buying one when I don't like the look of the model! I may get used to it and eventually pick one up but at the moment it is definitely off of my shopping list!

The Firewarrior

March 22, 2013 · 1 comments

Here is Casey Roberts second article. Please let us know what you think, so that Casey can plan future articles...

If last few days are any indication, it’s that the Tau are going to be receiving some serious changes very soon. However, I still want to talk about the idea of holistically designing a list. I’ll start with one of the units I doubt will change much:

The Firewarrior (FW)

I have no doubt that we will get some extra goodies, but the core of the unit will probably remain mostly intact so I feel reasonably safe writing this.

As we discussed in my last post, 6th Ed. Is all about scoring points, and as a troop the humble FW is an excellent way to do this. A quick look at the base stats tells us the obvious, these guys are best left shooting, and their armor save means they will be saving half of all wounds thrown at them. Combine this fact with their strong shooting and you have a surprisingly good basic troop.
Blah blah blah. How many squads you be taking?
We have much more durable units that we can use to push forward so Firewarriors should be considered for holding rear and central objectives. When you factor in we could have up to 5 objectives we need to have the ability to seize at least half; typically one in our own deployment zone and two more central objectives. For this reason I tend to find 3 separate squads to be an optimal number.

So how many warriors should be in squad?
It really depends on what you are using them for. 6 Firewarriors aren’t going to scare anyone even when they are within 15” to gain their double tap. However, a minimal  sized squad can make an excellent backfield objective holder!
For squads that are moving forward you need them to have the firepower to push another squad off an objective so I really recomend a full sized squad, or as many as you can afford.
So let's look back at the troops I brought in the list I showed last week: I took three squads of 9 warriors apiece. The three squads gives me options for taking and holding objectives (I often like to team two  squads up and let them work together)  both in the back and mid-field.
As I'm sure the Firewarrior is sure to  change some this post may need to change, but hopefully I've got you looking past just the stats and more into what you need them to do.

Hammerhead No Longer Available on GW Site

March 21, 2013 · 2 comments

Looks like things are moving now...

GW Hammerhead Page

I don't know if it is getting a new model, or possibly just re-boxed, but at least it is movement!

A few more details are coming to light!

March 19, 2013 · 1 comments

From 3++ is the New Black
*Skyray can shoot and ground and air targets (one assumes at full BS)

*Special character is "like" Chronus for tanks. Tank Hunters. Potential cover boost. Tank can overwatch.

*Hammerhead roughly 160-170 WITH character.

*Special Pathfinder - Nightstrider.

*Shadowsun has split fire. Maybe.

*Riptide roughly is T6/W4/2 Sv/5 invul with the special option working on a 3 or higher (i.e. 3plusplus , better blast, etc.). Around 175 pts with Ion Cannon (S8 Ap2 blast; super charge takes to S9?).
5 wounds!? And more gun options outside of Ion cannon - supporting missile pods?

*All Ion weapons have a 'supercharge' option but at a risk (gets hot?). Drones can have Ion weapons.

*Interceptor drones are in! heavy drones with actual weapons AFAIK. They are a FW unit iirc which has been moved to 40k.  there are 6 drone types (see below).

*Repulsor field. D6 s4 ap- hits to attacking units at I10

*Supporting fire allows other Tau units within 6" to overwatch a charging unit as well. Not sure if this is all Tau units or just specific types.

*Markerlights are for all intents and purposes, the same. Buff BS, remove cover. BS can be buffed for Overwatch but not sure if this counts for Skyfire, too

*There is somethign called.... puretide engram neurochip.

*I haven't heard anything about railcannons for the Riptide. It starts with a Burst cannon (of giantness) though and can buy a Skyfire option.__In the pictures we can see underslung plasma rifles with the burst cannon.__IDK base cost for Hammerhead but that appears to be about right. I'd still imagine one hammerhead + 2 broadside units with the info I have but it might go the other way, too.

*6 different types of drones.
Grav inhibitor
pulse accelerator
recon drone (which can fit in the turret cupola of a devikfish and provide communication relays and fire support)

*Cadre Fireblade -
IC with split fire, markerlight, supporting fire, volley fire (+1 shot for Pulse Rifles/Carbines if unit and IC do not move).
Upgrade for Fire Warrior units - not sure if an actual IC or just has LoS! properties, etc.

*Pathfinders compete with fliers so I'm guessing no option to move them and they stay in Fast Attack.

*Riptide is an Elite choice

*85 pts gets S8 AP1 Skyfire for Broadsides; same statline
railguns are now S8 Ap1 base - rail cannons are S10 AP1.
The way the ruling works is at the beginning of the shooting phase they can choose to have skyfire or not.
No beam railgun shot

There were some solid thoughts on Kroot before with rules, etc. but since they might not have new models soon, they might not want to showcase them. But yes, quite possibly they have been cut until this silly ally supplement book which would be frustrating but that would be very strange as GW generally never removes units from books.

Tau Codex lands on April 6th (and more photos)!

March 18, 2013 · 0 comments

3++ is suggesting that the new Tau Codex will land on April 6th.

The New Tau Codex is real, and April!

March 17, 2013 · 6 comments

Faeit 212 has photos from next months White Dwarf that seem to confirm the April release of the new Tau Codex.


(Updated) Tau Pics Are Here!!!!! Sunshark Bomber/ Razorshark Fighter, and More

Ever concerned that Tau were not going to be released for April....... The Cat is out of the Bag!!!!!. Tau are here, and yes the pics out next month's White Dwarf are spreading faster than a wildfire.

Shadowsun on Pre-Order Today

March 15, 2013 · 0 comments

The Shadowsun Novella is available for Pre-order as of today:-

Shadowsun: The last of Kiru's line

Commander Shadowsun, child of the famed Kiru and protégé of the legendary Commander Puretide, is destined to lead the next phase of the Tau Empire's expansion... if she can survive the trials before her. Crash-landed on an enemy-held planet, with foes all around and a seemingly impossible mission to complete Shadowsun is determined to achieve victory, even at the cost of her life. But when she receives a message that tears her world apart, Shadowsun must make a choice unthinkable to most tau: to abandon her duty for the sake of family, or continue to fight for the Greater Good.

Latest Tau Rumour: Rail Guns whats going on?

March 14, 2013 · 0 comments

Faeit 212 just posted the latest rumour based around Broadsides and Rail Guns.


Rail Guns, What is Going on With Them. Pts and More

There has been a lot of talk about the upcoming Tau codex release, and specifically Broadsides and their twinlinked railguns. Well, I have some new information, and collated info from the comments and rumors that we can at least get whats on the table with them.

Please remember that these are rumors.

This was from earlier today

via 3++ is the New Black (from inside the Chatbawks)
Broadsides - 85 pts with S8 Ap1 Skyfire; not sure if this is in place of old S10 AP1 or if the 85 points + skyfire is an option but its there.

Here is a response from a very reliable rumor checker that sometimes comes in to help us take a closer look at rumors.
via an anonymous source

They're not 85 points base, that's including their Skyfire upgrade.

They are indeed STR 8 AP 1 however on the broadside suits, then pay to add skyfire, but not interceptor.

this is from the comment section of the post from earlier today.

via shaso_icebornMarch 13, 2013 at 2:10 PM
or Rail Rifle S6 Ap3, Rail Gun S8 Ap1 Skyfire (with option for interceptor) and Rail Cannon S10 Ap1.

Can anybody guess where these now go? it's pretty obvious isn't it?

Building a Tau Army for 6th Ed.


This is the first of what will become an ongoing series of guest posts. 
Please welcome Casey Roberts with his first article:-

First off I want to thank David for giving me this opportunity to hopefully help the community.
Second of all I wanted to say that 3 nights ago I kicked a Nurgle Marine player’s teeth in… On a Relic mission. That’s right, the Tau, who have guardsmen stat troops beat T5, Feel No Pain marines in a game where holding a central objective was required. I don’t say this to brag, but to remind everyone that even without a codex refresh the Tau have a lot of strength in their book.
Now before I hear a lot about the boost we got from 6th Ed’s changes to rapid fire I want to say there was a lot of strength in our codex even prior to  6th.
The strength we have comes from outstanding synergy between our units. Obviously we don’t have anything approaching some of the fancy kill-crazy marine characters (I’m looking at you Logan and Draigo) so it means we need all of our units working together to achieve our goal for the greater good.
What is the goal?
The goal in 6th Ed, more so than previous editions is to both score points and deny our opponent points. 5 out the 6 missions are all about taking and holding objectives, and the 6th has the potential for huge point totals even without objectives.
Repeat after me: Warhammer 40K is all about scoring points.
Warhammer 40K is all about scoring points.
Warhammer 40K is all about scoring points.
Warhammer 40K is all about scoring points.
So how do we do that? The first three ways are the ones common to all the missions: First blood, Warlord, and line breaker. The next way to score points is by taking and holding objectives. Each mission is simply an iteration of this theme.
Once we know what our objective is we can start looking at the units/tools we have available to us. Too often I think we get into the mind set of “X unit is no good.” and avoid that unit in favor of a unit we feel is better. Instead of thinking of that unit as being good or bad we need to look at it in terms of what function it fulfils and how we make that unit work with the rest of our list.
Let’s take a look at my list that I used to banish the forces of chaos:
- 2x2 Crisis suits
-  6 Stealth suits with two fusion guns
Heavy Support
- 3 Broadsides
Fast Attack
-1 Piranha
-8 Pathfinders + Devil Fish
-3x9 Firewarriors
As you can see this is a pretty straight forward list. There are no tricks to it, no surprises. However there is a fundamental reason each and every piece of it is there. Each unit fulfils a very specific role and should it not be able to fulfil that roll there are several secondary units ready to take over. Knowing those roles and how the list functions as a whole is what makes it dangerous.
Hopefully over the next few posts I can get into the details of this list and help show how each piece fits together while exploring the units themselves.

More New Tau Codex/Model Rumours

March 12, 2013 · 2 comments

 I must admit, as much as I am hoping for an April release I am starting to think that there may well be a lot of smoke and mirrors when it comes to all of these rumours...

Thanks to Faeit 212 once again:-


Tau Rumors: Broadsides with Skyfire and much more

Here is a set of Tau rumors that includes quite a bit of information. Its hard to qualify the source since I have not seen him post up before on Warseer, but rumors are rumors. Take a look...... Tau are getting closer.
Please remember to take a little salt with this, These are Rumors.
via superawesomeraptorman on Warseer
Heard a couple of things through the grapevine. They COULD be complete tosh, they could be awesome insights. I'd say the usual dosage of salt.
- New firewarrior leader - can give certain squads special abilities
- Ethereal have auras - apparently they are ok, nothing to write home about
- no honor guard
- New tank commander special character - has preferred enemy imperial guard (?), use on a hammerhead apparently (best tank to use)
- no HQ alters FOC apparently
- Crisis suits no new sprue, getting repackaged into 3. This seems to contradict people hearing about a new recut - apparently commanders sprue (special issue weapons) will sneak in here?
- no stealth on stealth suits, will have something to make them harder to shoot still (maybe?)
- fire warriors 9 points - no idea about new upgrades etc
- kroot lose one point of strength (really that sounds lame)
- Pathfinders don't take devilfish anymore
- piranhas are cheaper, but not much different
- flyers go here - apparently one is anti air. Not really much news, but apparently dual kit but neither version amazing (more like a dark angels rather than necron flyer kit)
Heavy Support
- Submuntions purchased for hammerheads
- Broadside have strength 8 rail guns -_- BUT can buy skyfire (expensive) but cannot buy A.S.S
- Giant new walker here - pretty tough to kill, apparently his weapons are interesting. I wanted more details, couldn't get them
New abilities
- Single squad gets charged - every unit within 6" can overwatch into the charging squad
- Squad ability from commander (can't remember which one). If unit does not move AT ALL (no relentless, S&P tricks) every model gets extra shot. I got the impression that you can't use jet pack move with this either
- Two marker light hits = NO cover at all (not a marker light hit per -1 cover). Usual BS upgrade
- Seeker missiles can skyfire
- Multi-trackers come standard on crisis suits (or free? dunno which)
General Stuff
- Haven't heard anything about new kroot or vespid stuff
- Haven't heard anything about ANY new race, but wasn't exactly told no new race as opposed to nothing was mentioned
Honestly all I can remember, it might fly in the face of everything we know, and a plastic kit seems to be missing (fire warrior HQ, Flyer, Big Suit plus something?)

Some interesting Tau models that were seen at Games Day (2008)


It will be interesting to see if any of these surface in the expected new wave of Tau figures when the Codex appears!
Story lifted (as usual) Faeit 212.

Update: It appears that these are simply test sculpts by a new sculptor, back in 2008. So it is extremely unlikely they will get into production.


Tau Model Pics From Gamesday

These were sent to me and linked by several people that are getting excited for an upcoming Tau release. Now these pics were from Gamesday last fall, but I figured that since people are rediscovering them, they were worth posting up again. I think people are thinking that these might all be new models for an upcoming release, but I am very certain they are from Gamesday last year.

The site these are coming from is in Hungarian, so I cannot tell if they are proclaiming these as new or who actually took the pics. Anyhow, take a look at the other pics, but please remember that these are at least 6 months old.


Personally, I love the Kroot figure! I would be very happy to add him to my Kroot Mercenary Army!

With a little help from his friends!

March 11, 2013 · 1 comments

Over the past couple of months I haven't had much time to spend on my Tau. I have got one unit of Fire Warriors painted and had a couple of games (another this week, hopefully), but that's about it.

This is one of the main reasons for my lack of constructive posts, with only reposts of news and rumours taking up most of the posting on Warhammer Tau. Now I would like to change that, and I hope with the imminent (hopefully) arrival of a new codex, that I will be revitalised and able to add some more interesting posts.

However, I would like to open the blog up a little and allow one or teo other bloggers to post here. So I am putting out a call to anyone who has anything to say on the subject of the Tau and their wider brethren! Drop me an email (ironmammoth AT gmail DOT com), send me an article, whatever! Once I have checked it I will post it to the blog, giving full credit where it's due... Then if you want to become a regular contributor I will add you!


This post is inspired by a comment on a previous post from someone who would like to contribute (Casey), who asked me to email him back to arrange something. Unfortunately, I have been unable to trace his email address (probably inept Net skills on my part), and so have not been able to sort that one out...

Tau Codex and Hammerhead not available!


 The latest rumour from Faeit 212 suggests that GW has pulled several Tau items from their availability list, suggesting that the new codex may well be just around the corner!


Tau on the Horizon? What's Missing.

I have not been able to verify this, but its being said that the Tau codex is no longer available to retailers. I am assuming that means independents, but its also mentioned that there are several models that are also no longer available.

via MachineSlave on Warseer
Tau codex no longer available to retailers
Just stopped in my local nerd store to get some what-nots and the lad in charge of orders said that the Tau codex is no longer available as well as the Hammerhead, crisis suit and one other unit (I forget which one). He said when that happens to a codex "it is just a few weeks out, so expect to see it by April." This was some good news to me!

More on the April Tau Codex Release

March 7, 2013 · 4 comments

Faeit 212 seems to be full of Tau Coded rumours at the moment. Along with the two Black Library books that have just been announced that feature Tau it seems fairly likely that there may be good news just around the corner...


It Seems That Tau are Inevitable

There are times when the goodness (or the Greater Good in this case) just keeping on coming. More Tau rumor bits are filtering through our community, and when we keep on seeing this many hints, it just seems the puzzle pieces are all starting to add up.

Does this mean I am on the April release wagon when it comes to a Tau codex? Well, I at least have one leg on the wagon, and one leg still on the ground. Of course that means that I am being dragged down the road. So here's to looking at a hopeful Tau codex Release sometime before I get hurt.

There was some later developments today about the release of Tau coming in June. These are listed below from shaso_iceborn. Its also worth mentioning as well that Hastings had predicted Tau in April as well.

Faeit 212 Comment Section
via groffus in the comment section of Faeit 212 March 7, 2013 at 6:35 AM
The owner of my local store told me yesterday that he was unable to get a copy of the current Tau codex to put on display. When he pushed he was told that he could not get one because there was none any more, he should wait until next month to order one that there should be plenty then.

I play Tau myself and I am beginning to start to believe :-)

Compilation of Tau Hints
The following are compiled via Tastyfish onWarseer
Eliath pm'd me with some info from WD that supports the idea that Tau are pretty imminant and also that it seems the FW suits are still compatible with the new kits

via Elaith
Could well be nothing but in reading through at least a couple of articles in this months White Dwarf, there are references to Staffers working on Tau forces.

Jeremy's article starts with him working on a FW Battlesuit and later someone is mentioned to be working on a Tau force.

Likely nothing, but are staffers getting their Tau forces moving prior to release... only time will tell.

via Huru MorDae
Today a friend of mine working in management for a hobby store received a call from his supplier asking for all tau hammerheads, broadsides, and codex to be pulled from the shelves and returned to gw.

Today's Developments
Note: I am a little confused on the dates between an April and June release on this bit (and I am not in email communication with Shaso to clarify). perhaps a 2nd wave in June. 

via shaso_iceborn in the comment sections here on Faeit 212
March 7, 2013 at 10:51 AM
Tau will be released in June, along with a new Farsight model. New Kroot HQ, and the options Nafka mentioned above. His source on this one is very good.

March 7, 2013 at 10:57 AM
Are you guys ready for April and the lightened wallet the new Tau codex brings? 2 New Fliers, 2 new Suit options, a Uber-suit, New kroot HQ option, lots of new kits and better rules and options. Us Tau are about to finally get RETRIBUTION!!!! Sorry imperial players but I will be "lighting" you up here very soon.

Fire Caste novel featuring the Tau up for Pre-Order

March 6, 2013 · 0 comments

A Star-Studded Caste

Our latest batch of pre-order titles will be available to download this Friday, with the physical copies being shipped a short time later. One such novel is Fire Caste by Peter Fehervari. This is the first Black Library title to feature the tau empire as the antagonists for quite some time. To celebrate the return of these blue-skinned warriors, here’s an extract where you can see some of their heretical alien technology in action.
Something darted from the trees behind him, buzzing like an angry insect. Iverson spun round firing, but the sleek white saucer streaking towards him zipped between his snapshots, skimming high above the ground on an anti-gravity field. The disc was only about a metre in diameter, but Iverson knew that a soulless intelligence guided the machine. It was only a drone, its artificial brain no more sophisticated than a jungle predator, but the very existence of such a thing was blasphemous.
Blueskin technology is a heresy upon the face of the galaxy!
Of more immediate concern were the twin pulse carbines mounted on the underside of the drone. As the disc whirled to dodge his fire those guns rotated independently to lock on him. He dived aside as they spat a stuttering enfilade of plasma. The dive slipped into a fall, saving him from a second burst as the machine whizzed by. He rolled over and fired after it, catching it with a couple of rounds as it banked into a turn, but his shots only mottled its carapace. Chattering angrily the drone soared back towards him.
A hail of las-bolts spattered the machine from the side, knocking it off kilter and exposing its vulnerable underbelly. Careening wildly through the air, the drone raked the ground with plasma, shredding two of the unconscious Konquistadores. Someone roared in fury and fresh las-fire ripped into the saucer’s belly. One of its carbines exploded, taking the other with it and spinning the machine out of control. Gushing smoke and burbling in distress it retreated, losing altitude as it limped towards the trees, but Iverson was already on his feet and charging. Leaping, he swung the shock maul down on the drone, smashing it towards the ground. It tried to rise and he struck again and again, elevated by a hatred untainted by doubt.
The machine exploded.
Iverson was thrown from his feet. Falling for what felt like forever he watched a ragged arm spiralling towards the sky, its hand still clenching a shock maul. It was awful and absurd, but suddenly he was laughing and someone else was laughing along with him. He glanced across the clearing and saw Cabeza. The cadaverous Konquistadore was on his knees, cackling through a mask of mud and blood. His lasrifle was levelled at the wrecked drone.
Pre-order your copy of Fire Caste today and be among the first to read it.

New Tau Codex in April...


There seems to be a building concensus that the new Tau Codex may appear as early as April.

Faeit 212 lays out the rumours here:-


Will We See a Tau Codex in April

I want to be upfront right away, we do not yet know when this codex is coming, only that it is supposedly next in line. However there are some strong hints that it is coming and very soon. Lets take a look at these hints, and you can make of them what you will.

Missing Models
Models gone from display cases at Warhammer World. While not an obvious "codex is ready" type of thing, having quite a few models missing from the display cases means that they are probably having pictures taken for a battle report, or White Dwarf article, or even for the codex itself.

Here is the relevant article that discussed this.

Black Library Novel Release
This book has not been mentioned yet, and seems to have a release date in March. At this point it seems obvious that the date will be towards the end of March. This could very well lead into a full on Tau 40k release as well.

If you are looking for the full article discussing this, it was just posted last night at midnight.

Rumored bit from our Comment Section on Faeit 212 yesterday
A big thanks to Shaso_iceborn for visiting us yesterday and joining in on the comment section. He left a nice little tidbit about the timing of Tau for the readers here, and this is it.

shaso_icebornMarch 5, 2013 at 11:03 AM
For Tau lovers, I wouldn't worry about a backache in April as your wallet might just become a lot lighter.
Here is a link to the post that the comments were left on, if you are interested in reading more of what was going on.

New Tau Novella out this Month?


Just lifted from Faeit 212:-

Shadowsun: Tau Book Right Around the Corner

A Tau novel that is not yet announced is apparently going to be available later this month, and there is a copy of it already on Ebay. Is it possible that this book is going to be released later towards the end of this month, leading the way for a Tau codex release in April?

This is what was found. With a link to the listing.

via Jizzlefinger on Ebay (this was pointed out to me by Carl via the Faeit 212 inbox. Thank you)
Braden Campbell SHADOWSUN 1st/HB MINT Warhammer 40K Tau Novella Pre-Release

Jizzlefinger brings you SHADOWSUN by Braden Campbell. Published in 2013 by Black Library. MINT condition, brand new and unread. A nice surprise to find this 128 page Tau Hardback Novella sitting on the table at the 2013 Black Library Live! event. I can't find any other details about this book yet, all I know is it's a pre-release and have found vague mentions of it being out as a general release sometime in March, but have found no mention of it yet on the Black Library website. I'm guessing it will be released as a direct exclusive much like Yarrick : Golgotha Unchained and Flesh Of Cretacia. I'm always happy to combine postage for multiple items.

SHADOWSUN - The Last Of Kirku's Line
Commander Shadowsun, child of the famed Kiru and protege of the legendary Commander Puretide, is destined to lead the next phase of the Tau Empire's expansion... if she can survive the trials before her. Crash-landed on an enemy-held planet, with foes all around and a seemingly impossible mission to complete. Shadowsun is determined to achieve victory, even at the cost of her life. But when she receives a message that tears her world apart, Shadowsun must make a choice unthinkable to most Tau; to abandon her duty for the sake of family, or continue to fight for the Greater Good.

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