The Firewarrior

March 22, 2013 ·

Here is Casey Roberts second article. Please let us know what you think, so that Casey can plan future articles...

If last few days are any indication, it’s that the Tau are going to be receiving some serious changes very soon. However, I still want to talk about the idea of holistically designing a list. I’ll start with one of the units I doubt will change much:

The Firewarrior (FW)

I have no doubt that we will get some extra goodies, but the core of the unit will probably remain mostly intact so I feel reasonably safe writing this.

As we discussed in my last post, 6th Ed. Is all about scoring points, and as a troop the humble FW is an excellent way to do this. A quick look at the base stats tells us the obvious, these guys are best left shooting, and their armor save means they will be saving half of all wounds thrown at them. Combine this fact with their strong shooting and you have a surprisingly good basic troop.
Blah blah blah. How many squads you be taking?
We have much more durable units that we can use to push forward so Firewarriors should be considered for holding rear and central objectives. When you factor in we could have up to 5 objectives we need to have the ability to seize at least half; typically one in our own deployment zone and two more central objectives. For this reason I tend to find 3 separate squads to be an optimal number.

So how many warriors should be in squad?
It really depends on what you are using them for. 6 Firewarriors aren’t going to scare anyone even when they are within 15” to gain their double tap. However, a minimal  sized squad can make an excellent backfield objective holder!
For squads that are moving forward you need them to have the firepower to push another squad off an objective so I really recomend a full sized squad, or as many as you can afford.
So let's look back at the troops I brought in the list I showed last week: I took three squads of 9 warriors apiece. The three squads gives me options for taking and holding objectives (I often like to team two  squads up and let them work together)  both in the back and mid-field.
As I'm sure the Firewarrior is sure to  change some this post may need to change, but hopefully I've got you looking past just the stats and more into what you need them to do.


Anonymous said...
March 23, 2013 at 9:01 PM  

As of the beginning of 6th edition, I've been a fan of the three 8 man team with a shas'ui and gun drone (for a total of 9). The 9 total models mean they can fit in a devilfish, and can lose up to 3 models in a round of shooting before they have to test their leadership. Because 6th boosted the fire warrior offense, there is a good chance they will be outside a devilfish more often, and they need to do so to count as holding an objective, so Ld8 is a nice way of making sure they hang around. Finally thanks to the new rules about initiative in breaking from combat, the drone's I4 over a fire warriors I2 gives a much better chance that if the unit does end up in combat, the inevitable loss isn't necessarily a death sentence.

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