Warhammer Tau Evolves for the Greater Good!

April 28, 2013 ·

I am happy to announce that we have a Cadre of new bloggers joining Warhammer Tau as regular contributors.

There will be new posts appearing over the next few weeks from all the new contributors. Here is a quick introduction to everyone who is on board!

In no particular order:-

Casey Roberts - Casey has already posted a couple of articles on the blog, and has certainly got some good discussions going!

Robert Taylor - Rob. has been in the Warhammer hobby for about 12 years now mainly playing 40k and LOTR. The Tau have always been his favourite 40k army, ever since their first release, he is a big fan of their design and fluff. And, he adds, a badass mech suit doesn't hurt.

Embrace Your Inner Geek - Embrace Your Inner Geek from Apostates Anonymous is a "mature" gamer, and probably old enough to be most of our reader's Dad! He started playing 40k half way through 5th, having been introduced to the game by his son, Little Geek. He played Tau competitively (if that's not an oxymoron) throughout 5th Edition, taking a couple of Best Tau Players at Throne of Skulls (not that that's big a deal ... there were only 3 of them at each event!), and spectacularly failing to qualify for the GT final, before winning best Tau General at Caledonian (all the good players were snowed in!). He takes his Cadre to as many tournaments as Mrs Geek allows, narrowly avoiding divorce by dragging Little Geek along, and persuading Mrs Geek it's "a father and son thing".

EYIG will talk mostly about tactics, lists and tournaments, but might on occasion mention painting or modelling. Sadly, for him "fluff" is restricted to deleterious material found between his toes.
Skyler Hoeft - Skyler is an engineer and has only been back in the hobby for a year or so. He played Ultramarines until college and sometime after graduation started up again with the army he always wanted to try: Tau.
Skyler love converting, personalizing, and painting his army, and Tau are fantastic for hobbying. He's a firm disciple of Mech Tau and Kauyon. Skyler hopes to contribute some articles on simple conversions, techniques and the tabletop experience for the Greater Good.

Josh Broughton - Josh, is 19. He has been playing Tau for about a year and a half now, after flirting with Ultramarines when he was 14, and hefeels he has gained experience with the Greater Good fast! More of a painter than a player (mainly due to time) Josh hopes to put out some painting guides soon!
When Josh decided to collect the Tau and chose his colour scheme, he decided on the same colours as 'Warhammer Tau'! So things should look fairly familiar then...

Will Lewis -Will is an avid Tau and Kroot player, and I have recently (gradually) switched over to 6th edition as well. He plays other armies as well, and has to spread the love a little, but Tau are his first and best, even though he have only been playing them for three years.
Will is a school teacher, an avid reader and war-gamer.
So that's it for now. There have been a few others that have offered to help out, and I thank them all in their keen support of the Greater Good. However I wanted to keep things reasonably tight for now. I may add some new blood at a later date if things work out well!


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