Imperial Armour Vol 3, 2nd Ed "The Tauros Campaign" Part 2

June 6, 2013 ·

The Tauros Campaign is a series of 12 linked Missions, which takes the players through the campaign described in the book. It starts with the Avenging Sons assault on the Governors Palace, and finishes with Tau forces harassing the imperial retreat. The missions are not entirely balanced, but they'll be a blast to play.

The missions are designed for 2 players – one playing Tau, and the other playing Guard. You could I guess play it with other armies, but it would make little sense. Having said that, to play all the missions the Guard player would need access to a 1500pt Marine army (with at least some drop pods) and the Tau player will need some guard allies to represent the Tauros PDF, who, by this time, fight for the Tau Empire.

Mission 1 is the Avenging Sons’ assault on the Governor’s Palace. It has some interesting objective rules, with the Marine objectives being to kill a number of bureaucrats representing their attempt to assassinate or capture the Governor. Mission 2 is a Marine assault on a planetary defence missile silo. Missions 3-7 are conflicts fought during the Imperial Forces advance to the Capital City. They are pretty varied, including an interesting hit and run type conflict, representing the Tau’s harassment of the Imperial advance. Missions 8 and 9 are 2 parts of one airborne assault by Elysian Drop Troops on a Hydro Processing Plant, which is a key conflict in the campaign. If you ever wanted to build an Elysian army, this would be a great reason to do it (BTW, I haven’t mentioned it but the book also contains an Elysian army list, which looks pretty cool!

Mission 10 is an Apocalypse game (in the fluff this is when the Tiger Shark sends the Titan Legion running for their Mommies!) and two interesting games which represent the Imperium’s last “throw of the dice” if you’ll forgive the expression!

All in all I think playing through these missions would be a lot of fun. The best way to approach it would be as a long term “hobby project”. Find a buddy who has a Guard Army (assuming you’re a Tau player), but who might be prepared to build (or borrow) a small Space Marine force (or even an Elysian one!) and take it from there.

As the Tau player you will need to build a small allied guard contingent. The Guard player will need to build a 1500pt marine army, with at least some drop pods (not a huge chore – pods are really good now in 6th!).

However, the most fun I think would come from building the boards and the terrain! Personally I love building terrain. Every mission comes with specific suggestions for terrain, from the Governor’s Palace, through Missile Silos and Hydro Processing Plants to the barren landscape of Tauros… I’m getting excited just thinking about it! Building enough to make every game unique, and fit in with the campaign would be a great project. It would take a while to do, but would be a blast if you did it over the course of a year or so.

Next up, the rules and the units.



TheGraveMind said...
June 7, 2013 at 8:20 AM  

I'm really looking forward to these reviews. I'm thinking about getting this for my tau. I heard is basically all tau fw units in one book.

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