Battle Report: Tau vs. Imperial Guard

July 24, 2013 ·

July 24, 2013

On Saturday I attended the FoB Qualifier tourney at my FLGS. My first round was essentially a free win, but you can read about that one HERE.

Feast of Blades Qualifier: Round 2

For this round, my opponent was a guy I'd played before. I hadn't played him since because he doesn't remember his rules very well, and basically makes some up as he goes. I was looking forward to playing against his army, because it is always very competitive, but I would rather have played somebody else anyways. Games just aren't as fun when you are constantly noticing little small mistakes that could be a bit of a cheat or could be a real mistake. It's exhausting and sucks the fun out of the game.

My TAC Mech. list can be viewed HERE.

My opponent's "Death Korps" army. (not really Death Korps, just IG with DK models)
  • Two infantry blobs of 30 with commissar and maximum amount of plasma weaponry in each.
  • Two Leman Russ Eradicators (I think that's the one. The one with the ridiculous plasma cannon)
  • Two heavy weapon teams with 3 lascannons each
  • Three special weapons teams with 2 plasma guns, 1 meltagun, and a demo charge
  • Two Vendettas with 3 twin-linked lascannons, each carrying one of the special weapon teams
  • Command squad with a lascannon (other stuff too, but I never found out what they were)
  • 6 Ratlings


Here is a pic of the board from the perspective of his side. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics for our game, but this gives you an idea of the terrain.
Board #2 during Round 3 (orks vs. chaos)
For Round 2, the mission was The Scouring. Deployment was Hammer and Anvil. Night Fight on the first turn. I deployed first but he stole the Initative. His warlord trait granted him Stubborn and mine disallowed LOS against my warlord's shooting.
The objectives (clockwise from the top-left) ended up being 4, 1, 3, 2, 2, 3 once we got into the game and started discovering them. 


I deployed all my vehicles in as much cover as possible. I reserved my carbine squad and piranhas (because they were my only Fast Attack) . I outflanked my Stealth team and deep struck my Commander+crisis team.

He deployed an infantry blob to either flank accompanied by a heavy weapons team. His command squad, special weapons team, and Eradicators deployed in and around the central ruins. He infiltrated his small Ratling squad onto the central tower.

Turn 1

He moved his Eradicators a little bit, but kept them in cover. 
He fired at me with all his lascannons, gaining twin-linked through Orders. My DPods saved everything. Otherwise he was either out of range, no LOS, or his weapons couldn't hurt me.
I shuffled my vehicles, moving my Skyray and DFishes flat-out to maximize cover saves. With nothing to shoot (forgot about the snipers) my crisis suits stayed in the ruins. 
I took a pot shot at an Eradicator with Longstrike, but he made his 4+ cover save. 
Fingers crossed that only one of his Vendettas comes on next turn!

Turn 2

Both of his Vendettas came on this turn! CURSES! Looks like this game was going to be a rough one. If I could make it through this much anti-tank firepower then it would be a miracle.
He brought them on in hover mode, dropping a special weapons team on either flank. The eradicators moved up into cover of the large central tower.
Then he brought the pain. (I'm still unsure about this but I think he may have fired twice with a special weapons team...) After the smoke cleared from 2 demo charges, 2 meltaguns, 4 plasma guns, and 12 twin-linked lascannons (3 melta and 6 plasma if he did indeed fire with one squad twice) I had lost my entire Deathrain/marker team, my skyray, one of my DFishes and my regular hammerhead. All despite 4+ and 3+ jinks. Not as much damage as he was hoping, but definitely more than I was hoping for.
All of my reserves, except for my commander, came onto the board. I I shuffled what vehicles I had left and brought my reserves onto the board. My stealths walked on in front of his infantry in the open. My FW all disembarked to shoot up the special weapons teams. I wouldn't survive another attack like that, so I had to kill them now. My FW from the destroyed DFish had lost 2 in the explosion, so they got into the central cover. I disembarked all of my vehicle drones as well.
Between DFish SMS and firewarrior pulse fire, I killed both special weapons teams completely. My Stealths killed 6 guardsmen (the unit was so big, technically it had cover, and I'd forgotten to say "focus fire" before I rolled to hit). I managed 4 Glances/Pens agains the left Vendetta but he passed 2 jink saves and all I got was a glance and a Stunned result! My piranhas managed to Immobilize the right-hand vendetta (how come that doesn't stun the crew too????) Firing with my DFish and drones I managed a shaken result on the left-hand vendetta.
I jumped my Stealths into cover behind the bunker (I didn't know it was a bunker with a roof, I thought it was just a weird shaped hill).

Turn 3

He moved up his tanks, sent the "Shaken" vendetta into Zoom mode and almost went off the board. His eradicators moved up some more to get a shot on my Stealth Team.
He fired again with all his lascannons, killing one of my piranhas by hull points. The eradicators killed all my Stealths even with a 2+ cover save (apparently these tanks only roll 1D6" for scatter, which might as well be no scatter at all, and my stealths were close packed)
My commander arrived and I decided that I'd had enough twin-linked orders and I wanted that extra VP, even if I gave up one in return. I dropped him 6" away from his command squad, with his warlord the closest target. I moved my drones up, and moved my infantry into position to take down his fliers. 
I took out his entire command squad despite 4+ invulnerable save and LOS, just barely. Then I rolled poorly for my thrust move, so my command team was caught out in the open. My firewarriors and SMS were able to kill one vendetta. I rolled a Glance against his Zooming flier, but he managed his 5+ jink saves again, saving himself a VP. Long Strike killed a few Guard in the larger infantry blob

Turn 4

My opponent gleefully informed me that I had made a huge mistake dropping my commander near his infantry. He was right of course, but I'd gotten what I wanted out of the drop so I wasn't too upset. He moved his infantry up to get as many in 12" range as possible, and he moved his Eradicators up so that he had a shot at them as well. He flew his last vendetta off the board.
He fired everything he had at my commander's squad. This was my opportunity to hit them with my Neuroweb System Jammer, but I ... FORGOT! He fired 60 lasgun shots, and 20 plasma shots (not sure how he had that many plasma weapons, I think he may have been thinking his unit now had Salvo weaponry, and that it hadn't moved? idk). I tanked all the lasgun wounds with my commander (about 15) and failed one. He also took 6 plasma wounds, I was able to LOS 3 of them to shield drones (no saves, of course) one to another suit, and took 2 on my commander. I then remembered my Stims. I rolled a 5, 5, 6 but my opponent claimed that it was a Resolution ability, so he only gets to do that at the end of the shooting phase, like It Will Not Die. While I looked up Feel No Pain to show him, he rolled for his lascannon team and landed another wound on my commander and I failed my LOS roll. I found the rule, showed him, and he told me I had to re-roll for my FNP since he didn't remember what I'd rolled before. I failed all 4 and lost my commander. He finished off the unit with his special weapons team in the ruins. The rest of his units had nothing to shoot so he was done.
I knew time must be getting close, so I positioned all my troops for making a grab at objectives.
I killed some more guard with Longstrike, a couple guard with my two vagrant drones, and his entire ratling squad with pulse/SMS fire.

At this point we had 10 minutes. He wanted to be done, but I wanted a chance to make a grab at the objectives nearest me. 

Turn 5

He moved his units up, making sure he firmly held his three objectives. His eradicators killed off my Firewarrior team holding an objective because I forgot to block with my Devilfish AND go to ground!
My final turn was rushed because he was trying to pack up so I made several mistakes here that cost me the game. That's no excuse though, these were moronic mistakes that should never happen. I moved my remaining piranha flat-out across my deployment zone to claim the recently vacated objective. I moved my devilfish up, dismounted and moved my carbine squad towards their nearest objective. I had not realized you place the unit first, then move so I shorted myself an inch of movement there. Then I didn't know that you could run like normal after disembarking either, so that cost me another inch at least. I was about 4" away from the objective...Finally, I forgot to move and run my central firewarrior squad to grab the last objective on my half of the board. I would have needed to move about 9", but I forgot to even roll for them. I was just so exhausted from dealing with this guy, I felt like I was losing badly, and I was ready to be done. 
I didn't shoot because there was nothing that would grant me another VP.


The score that he submitted was 9-7, his favor. It should have been 10-6 because he gave me first blood for killing models first, but he killed a vehicle first. Both of us killed the warlord, neither had line-breaker, I had killed one fast-attack and he had killed one too (it counted because it was immobilized just before being wrecked, making it a new unit). I had 4 VP's in objectives and he had 7.
Had I not been a complete moron, I would have claimed at least 3 more points in objectives, maybe 4.

Lessons Learned

  • I honestly do not know what I would have done differently during the first turns. I only had one turn to try and spread out before both Vendettas came in, and once they did I had to take a lot of anti-tank. If I had spread out more then I would have exposed myself to his other units. Perhaps I should have just gone flat-out with All my vehicles the turn before he arrived.
  • Longstrike should have shined this game, but he didn't have anything to shoot! All he could do is drop submunitions on guard going to ground in area terrain because the tanks were always hull down and obscured. Perhaps I could have given up one turn of shooting with him to flat-out move for a better firing angle. But that central LOS piece made it pretty much impossible to draw a bead on the Eradicators.
  • Remember special equipment! I missed possibly the best opportunity to use the NSJ that I will ever have. I also forgot my carbine squad's DFish had sensor spines but that one didn't matter because I passed the dangerous terrain tests.
  • Firewarriors make a decent anti-air unit, even unassisted and in small numbers. 
  • Cohesion. I used aggressive tactics with some of my units and conservative ones with others. Armywide actions would increase the effectiveness and survival rate of the army as a whole.
  • Give up shooting once in a while in order to get a better position or increase survival. I only went flat-out with DFishes and the Skyray, perhaps I should have been going Flat-out with the hammerheads too until I had decent targets.

I am sorry if I came off blaming my opponent too much. I'm sure most of his mistakes were really just that, and not intentional. He doesn't put much effort into learning new rules and they were mostly minor mistakes.
His army was custom built for armies like mine, so I think I actually did ok, considering how much lascannon/plasma/melta/demo weaponry I had to deal with.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you would have done differently if you were in a similar situation!


DimmyK said...
July 24, 2013 at 10:54 AM  

What could you have done differently? Stopped him from cheating of course!

Flyers come in from reserve always in zoom mode. So no dropping off people the turn they come in. Also how did the SWS's end up so far up the flanks? Vendettas can't outflank anymore so even if he did drop them off they'd be between 6-18" from his board edge.

Also CCS has no invuln except the commander who has a 5+ not 4+.

There were a few other things but. Can't remember them. Besides that packing up when the game isn't finished is just plain rude and forcing you to reroll your Fnp just because he couldn't remember them is a bit of a dick move

Nathan Watt said...
July 24, 2013 at 11:26 AM  

I think I would have been a bit annoyed that someone told me the rule wasn't right after I made good dice rolls, then when I show them, they say they don't remember so I need to re-roll then fail.

I get it is the spirit of friendly gaming and all, but that would have still ticked me off.

Nice battle report

TheGraveMind said...
July 24, 2013 at 4:12 PM  

That sounds a bit painful. Things I noticed;
Not sure on how it went, but he must declare hover mode before moving fliers, including the turn coming in.
The executioner scatters 2d6 like normal unless there is some other special rule that I dont' know....
There should be 1 plasma gun per 10 guys in the combined squad I believe.

How many glances did you cause to that shaken vendetta, cause it sounds like you got at least 3 hullpoints first round of shooting at it.

Not sure if it due to your vassal diagram, but it looks like turn 3 the Executioner moved up 12 inches and then fire. They are Russes and thus have the heavy rule means they can never move more than 6 inches. also moving more than 6 inches would cause it to snap fire and not fire any blast weapons.

Exiting a vehicle you must end withing 6 inches of the hatch.

The pirhana doesn't count as a separate VP when immobilized until after you have moved away from it. so not if it was all done in the same shooting phase.

You had FNP right, and after the way this dude seems to have played his rules, is a jerk for making you reroll them.

Overall sounds like a hard fought game, which could have gone better for you with tighter rules. Also remembering the little things can add up and help.

Only differences I might have made were shooting SMS at the ratlings early on, and making sure Longstrike had sight on those russes.

Skyler Hoeft said...
July 25, 2013 at 7:22 AM  

Thanks for the comments all! It was a rough game, but I learn more from these games than the ones I win. So it wasn't all that bad.

@DimmyK: I think his warlord was actually a Primaris Psyker, but he didn't get a chance to use any powers so I wasn't for sure on that one. He has access to a 4+ invul and FNP wargear right?

As for the outflank, that is probably due to him not reading updated rules for all his units.

@TheGraveMind: I think he was running somekind of weird hybrid between a guard codex and a Death Korps codex (which I guess would be illegal since FW was disallowed). Not sure, but I think he might have extended the FRFSRF rule to the plasma weapons, that's how he got so many wounds with them. Still I am pretty sure there was more than 3 plasma guns.

I caused 2 HP of damage to the left Vendetta, and 1 HP to the right one at first. Then second turn I killed the right one and the left one made its jink saves.
Sorry if I wasn't more clear about it. I'll revise the wording.

And the Plasma Russes did only move 6" at a time, that is just a bad representation on my part. They just kept inching forward.

As for the Ratlings, he kept forgetting to use them, so I ignored them as well. I think they didn't shoot once the whole game.

Thanks for the other pointers, I'll remember them for sure, and read my rules again ;)

DimmyK said...
July 25, 2013 at 11:10 AM  

Primaris has access to absolutely zero wargear... Comes as is. Could have cast a psychic power but no divination so still no 4++ and standard power is 5+ cover lol.

In any case well done for playing through to the end and still getting something out ofthe game :)

Embrace Your Inner Geek said...
July 25, 2013 at 2:00 PM  

Great bat reps. What's the programme you use to do the diagrams?

I think this is a really good example of why it's so important to at least have a working knowledge of other codexes at tournaments. As others have said, there we a lot of "mistakes" here by your opponent.

The biggest one, and the one that crippled you at the start was the outflanking vendettas. They no longer do this. While they can come on in hover mode (NB DimmyK), they lost scout, so can no longer outflank. And the plasma Russes for sure scatters 2d6.

And the FNP thing was just bad.

But hey... 2 - 1 is pretty good with new list. Well played sir!


Skyler Hoeft said...
July 25, 2013 at 3:57 PM  

Thanks EYIG.

The programe is called Battle Chronicler. It is free like Vassal.

It is tougher to use and make look good, but I like it better than Vassal because it is easier to see what is going on overall.

I knew there was going to be a lot of CSM at the tourney, so I studied that one in depth before the tourney. Too bad I didn't play any of the 3 CSM players :P

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