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July 11, 2013 ·

Hello All,

My local store is running a Feast of Blades qualifier tournament on the 20th (too soon!). I am in Super Paint mode trying to get 1850 points of Tau ready before the big day. Most likely this time next week I will be in Super Frantic Paint mode.

This is what I started with on Monday. More on this later.
I thought I would post the list that I am bringing and why I chose what I did.
First things first. This is intended to be a fun TAC list. I don't expect to roll everyone at this tournament, but I do expect to have a lot of fun playing with this list. I like the fluff of Tau, and Tau fluff dictates that our infantry are mechanized, so this is a pure Mech Tau list as well.

You might notice that this list closely resembles Adam's lists of old, that is entirely not a coincidence. Warhammer Tau is one of the reasons I chose to start playing Tau. Adam's lists and batreps inspired me to walk the path of the MechTau and I intend to continue down that path, despite the brutal nerf with the 6th edition codex.

If the Crisis suit configurations confuse you, check out this article over at ATT.

Shas'O: Burning Eye-D, ATS, Iridium, Stims, NSJ, Gauntlet
2 shield drones

Crisis Team 1
Shas'vre: M3S, CCN
2 Shas'ui: Burning Eye-D, ATS
2 Shield Drones

Crisis Team 2
Shas'vre and 2 Shas'ui: Deathrain, TL
6 Marker Drones

Stealth Team
Shas'vre and 5 Shas'ui: Burst Cannon

Firewarrior Teams 1 & 2
6 Shas'la: Pulse Rifle
Devilfish: SMS, DPod

Firewarrior Team 3
6 Shas'la: Pulse Carbine, EMP
Devilfish: SMS, DPod

Piranha Skimmer Teams 1 & 2
Piranha: Fusion Blaster

Hammerhead Gunship 1
Longstrike, Railgun with Subs, DPod, SMS

Hammerhead Gunship 2
Railgun with Subs, DPod, BSF
2 Gun Drones

Skyray Gunship

ATS- Advanced Targeting System
Iridium- XV 8-02 Iridium Battlesuit
Stims- Stimulant Injector
NSJ- Neuroweb System Jammer
Gauntlet- Onager Gauntlet
M3S- Multi-Spectrum Sensor Suite
CCN- Command & Control Node
TL- Target Lock
EMP- EMP Grenades
SMS- Twin-linked Smart Missile System
DPod- Disruption Pod
Subs- Submunition Rounds
BSF- Black Sun Filter


So here are some notes on why I am bringing this particular list.
  1. I hate playing Gunlines. Done it, hate it, staying away from it. Nothing wrong with gunlines, I just don't like to play them. Hence the large number of vehicles.
  2. EMP Commandos. I've never tried them and they sound like they could be a hoot and a half. If they strip a single hull point during the course of the entire tournament I will be happy.
  3. Skyray. This is a must-take, IMHO. Fliers aren't a huge presence in my area, but enough that you have to be prepared, and the Skyray has so much utility! FYI, the BSF is for those times when I want to alpha strike during first turn night fights.
  4. Burning Eyes. I used this squad before, and I fell in love instantly. The commander meshes perfectly with the team and it puts out 12 plasma shots at rapid fire range (twin-linked, ignoring cover, and some precision shots too!).
  5. Why no Kroot or Riptides? I don't own any of those models. Easy.
  6. Stealths. I like this unit because it gives me a little bit of deployment flexibility. If I had another 3 XV-8's lying around I might have gone that direction, but the point is moot, because I don't.
I will do my very best to get detailed lists and document the games so that I can make some nice battle reports when I'm done.
Please leave a comment and tell me what you think of my list! I am not likely to change anything at this point, but discussion is never a bad thing.


17yearoldhobbyist said...
July 11, 2013 at 2:52 PM  

I have now realised that as a tau player I should learn the acronyms. I needed my dex to read this!

Skyler Hoeft said...
July 12, 2013 at 7:29 AM  

Hmmmm. Sorry about that, I'll add a little key at the bottom.

Nicolas from BitzStore said...
July 12, 2013 at 2:29 PM  

I've seen several times on your blog and read some articles. I read a good portion of your blog and I fell in love. Fluff, rules, painting, miniature a very complete bog.

Good continuation

Kjaldir said...
August 19, 2013 at 1:41 AM  

So nice List, but i prefer FW and Tanks
so i think floding with lots of troops are neccessary
i prefere missile broadsites over crisis atached with stims
also Riptide seem to be a better option to crisis
so i like the crisis but they are to week and die to fast
also i use an ├Ągis defence line
so my list would be
ethereal, cadre fireblade;
Riptide with ion fb and ewo;
maybe 5 stealt suits;
10 kroot (in reserve)
5 fw troots ( 10 in devilfish) 2-3x12, 1x6(in reserve);
2 hammerhead with sms adn ioncannon, dpod bsf;
2-3 broadsites hymp, sms 4-6 missile drones;
5 pathfinder or tetras;
and 3 piranhas +fb

with aegis dl and flak cannon

what do ya think?

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