A Face Only a Mother Could Love...

September 30, 2013 ·

A mother-ship that is...

So not a huge post this time, just updating you on a new battlesuit variant coming to a Forgeworld near you, and only £70 (that's $113 in real money).

I love the model already, and from appearances alone, it compounds the bad-assery suggested by the riptide and R'Alai.  I saw this on Faeit 212 and ATT a couple weeks back, and thought I'd share.

It's name is R'Varna, and it is classified as an XV-107 (the Riptide is an XV-104).  This is obviously not the nautical themed name common to classes of Tau battlesuits in the 40k universe. That combined with the R' honorific/prefix common to Forgeworld battlesuit character names, strongly suggests that it is also a character like R'Myr or R'Alai.

Sorry guys, both for the brevity and timeliness of the post.  But with school starting back and being knee-deep in football practice every night, I haven't had much time to do anything outside of school. 

I'm sucking man, and I really need to get a game in.  My fire warriors are getting fat.

So I am dialing this one in.  I am already in love with the model, and can't wait for it to become available for order.  In the meantime here are some interesting related links I found with tidbits and commentary.







Though this may be my shortest post ever, I hope you enjoy the reads.  Oh, and if someone finds the actual Forgeworld newsletter announcing this guy can you send me the link?   Thanks in advance.

I play Tau.


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