An Introduction is in order...

October 17, 2013 ·

Well, more properly, a re-introduction.

Allow me to present Josh Broughton (Nite Phire).

Josh has been playing Tau since August 2011, and expressed interest in contributing to the blog to David a while back, but work and college have delayed his efforts somewhat.  

In his own words...

I did the usual when I was younger and started a Space Marines army,  then dropped them about a year later! 
I had always wanted to do Tau, and after overhearing my friends talking about their space marine armies recently, I jumped right back in!

After starting Tau I found myself getting much more into the painting and modeling side of the hobby, but my first problem was; I needed a good paint scheme. That is where 'WarhammerTau' came in.

I found this website and its great tutorials, and loved Adam's subdued green and orange paint scheme.
Following much deliberation I used a very similar scheme for my cadre and set to work on creating my very own 'Warhammer Tau' army.

That brings me to today, after lurking for 2-ish years I have decided to offer my help by
writing articles for the blog.  Unfortunately I am unable play very often, so my contributions will mostly be with conversions and painting tips.  But I'm still a decent strategist and so can at least weigh in on some discussions.  I look forward to rejoining the team.

Thank you, and I will have my first article ready for you soon.


Please look forward to his articles and commentary as he settles back into the team here at Warhammer Tau.


I play Tau.


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