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November 20, 2013 · 6 comments

Chiana, a Nebari Female
So... I was going through and approving comments the other day (unfortunately we have a couple of spammers and I have to scrub their filth regularly), and I came to a rather improved understanding of this site. 

What I discovered was that this is a living website.  By that, I mean that it is constantly being read and remade by fans all over the world.  A couple of the reader comments I published were responses to documents written by Adam back in August of 2009.  Now, four years wasn't that long ago -all things considered, but I was curious that folks were still commenting on those old pages.  So I started looking through them.

I'm Dreaming of a Tau Christmas...

November 12, 2013 · 3 comments

The new Tau Christmas bundle is on the way.  I just received a call from my favorite local game store employee informing me that it was going to be available in the next week or two, and that if I wanted it then I needed to let him know. 

I simply cannot find a container large enough for my joy! 


The Tau Firebase Cadre will cost $290 (plus tax) for six Broadsides Battlesuits and a Riptide.  Separately, these babies would cost about $385, for something I wanted anyway.  That is a savings of almost two broadsides...

Maybe not so great for those who rushed out and got all this stuff when it was released in April anyway, but I only bought a few items last spring.  I still had my Eldar, Lizardmen, and Black Templar habits to support...

Too many good things at once can be a bad thing,  and all four armies were within about six or seven months of each other, so....  Let's just say that my kids are starting to bitch about the cardboard crackers with cheese whiz dinners I've been feeding them lately.

But I have resolved to get the Tau Firebase Cadre and possibly the Space Marine flyers -starving rug-rats or not. .  The jury's still out on the Eldar bundle, as it will probably be about $260 for that baby (considering an average 25% discount) and I don't really need any more Wraith Lords.  I think I will just pass on that one and save a little Christmas money for my precious reptiles (the Lizardmen, not necessarily the children). 

Actually, I've gotta spread the wealth a little, and it's getting harder to justify feeding the Tau and Eldar armies when my human children are getting a little thin...

So, my point is, I think the Tau deal is well worth it.  Ignore what you are seeing on the Interwebs.  25% is nothing to sneeze at, and the models are all useful, (if you need or want six brand new Broadsides). 

It breaks down to $37.50 per Broadside, and $63.50 for the Riptide (assuming a 25% discount on each).  And that is less than you will pay Discount Wargames or Destroyer on eBay.  And if you purchase it through your local store (as you should) there is no shipping.  :)  

Skeet Skeet Skeet!

I'm just thinking of how awesome it will be to field an all Battlesuit army (Farsight) that includes up to ten broadsides and up to four Riptides in a single force org.  Dress two squads up with missiles, and the other up with railguns...  ooh... baby...  And Ob'Lotai...

It'd be equally nice to throw a R'Varna or three into a heavy support slot on a second force org (but I'd have to put on a red wig and sleep with Daddy Warbucks or someone pretty important to get three of those.... 

And R'Varna is not a character thus exempt from the one per army rule...

As for the bundle? Get it.  Get a R'Varna, too.

Get it soon.

I play Tau.

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