Christmas, A New Tau Player, and Mohawk Boy

December 24, 2013 · 1 comments

I hope Christmas finds you all warm and happy in the knowledge that some-where, some-how, and some-when a Tau railgun is blowing some Imperial dirtbag to little pink smithereens.

I have good news and bad news folks.  The Seahawks lost to those stinking Arizona red bird thingies, but I also have the great joy of announcing that my daughter and her fiancĂ©e (Mohawk Boy) have decided to learn how to play 40k.  And thank God, it was about time. 

Her favorite 40k race?  Tau.  Yes please.




She doesn't yet realize that she has chosen one of the most powerful factions in 40k right now, but as always, we are only one codex release away from the scorn and pity that was 5th edition (and our 4th edition codex blues), so I will not play any of that up too much...

But do you know how much money I am going to save by not having to buy her new models?  She can just use mine, and I can get one of my other armies going.  I have had my eye on a Sisters or Inquisition detatchment for my Templars!  Neither detachment may add much to BT, but it will be fun. 

Her second choice is Eldar, and here again I don't really have to buy models for her.  I have boxes and boxes of unassembled Eldorks in the garage that I have been waiting for the opportunity to assemble, and so here we go.  And I'm off for the next two weeks... Should we start with the Wraithknight or the jetbikes? 

Oh yes, Virginia, it really is Christmas! 

Until recently, she and the aptly nick-named mohawk boy have been on this Friday Night Magic and dungeon crawlers kick, and I am glad they have finally come to the Jesus of the wargaming world, 40k.  I'm not knocking FNM, but let's face it, those magic guys are a little weird.  Not the weird like playing with toy soldiers on a beautiful Saturday afternoon weird (like us), but the allergic to sunlight and grass pollen weird...

At any rate, I am beside myself with joy.

It is the best Christmas gift ever.  I am so proud --well mostly.

On the other hand, I am not proud that Mohawk Boy wants to play either Tyranids or Orks.  I told him that he was welcome to play either of those two armies if he really wants to/  But I made it clear that if he so chose, then he would not be allowed any children with my daughter.  Honestly, he would never be able to both feed those kids AND field an decent army, and I would hate for him to lose a game for lack of a proper presence on the table.  I refuse to be embarrassed. 

I guess we could dress one of the toddlers up as a stompa though, depending on how ugly the kid is... and considering Mohawk Boy's rugged looks... well.  It just might work.  We could even let it rampage around the table...

I hope they let me name it.  I am thinking Pick-nose, or Gut-scrunch, or something proppa'

But would it be worth my daughter's wrath?  Oh well, it was worth a thought.

At any rate, I am in a bit of a slump for writing material, so I am going to continue my series of articles on how to get started *playing* with Tau.  The last articles actually related to what to buy, and you guys seemed to enjoy the posts.  Now I am going to focus on how to configure what you have and how to use them.

I will get the first one out this week entitled "Play Your Tau!"

'Till then, Happy Christma-Hanna-Kwan-Solsti-ka! 

We have such an unhealthy relationship with the holidays here in the US.  We should just resolve ourselves to saying "Happy Shopping!"

Whatever you call it (and as I started this article), I hope it finds you warm, happy, and full of hope, children, grandchildren, railguns, stompas, whizz-bangs, nerf daggers, figgy pudding, good friends, and whatever else brings you joy.

I play Tau.

The Firebase Support Cadre

December 5, 2013 · 7 comments

Ok, so we have a new formation. 

As you all know, I rushed out and purchased this a couple of weeks ago, primarily because I wanted the new Broadside models and this effectively gave me two for free (at US $290 this kit is about $100 less than retail for the individual kits, and broadsides are $50 each...)

The kit gives us a Riptide and six broadsides battlesuits.  But it also aligns with the new dataslate product GW has available on the iBookstore.  This dataslate outlines rules for using these units as a formation or detachment in regular games of 40k. 

You have to run all six Broadsides AND the Riptide in your army, and in return you get the "tank hunters" and "preferred enemy: Space Marines" special rules.

May not seem like much, but preferred enemy gives them all the ability to re-roll failed to hit rolls of 1 (against Space Marine units), and tank hunters allows you to re-roll armor penetration rolls (either for fails or to try and bump a glance up to a pen) against vehicles (not just Space Marines on this one).

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