Seahawk Sept

January 19, 2014 · 2 comments

So there we go.  My Seahawks pulled it out.  They're going to face the Broncos at Superbowl 48, and that means two more weeks of abstinence for me and my beloved Tau.

Hey, it's only weird if it doesn't work.

See you all then (and whether they win or lose the Superbowl, the Ethereals and I will have a special Seahawks surprise for our Tau).

Marshawn Lynch is an Ork
Sherman brings the pain, so he is definitely Dark Eldar
Russell Wilson is Tau.  Fire Caste.
And to his credit, Kaepernick is a deamon.  
        --Slanesh because though it's a pleasure to watch him, you know it's a sin.

I love the Seahawks, but I play Tau.

New Year, New "To-do" List

January 14, 2014 · 1 comments

So here we are well into 2014!

My Seahawks are doing great things, and I have been very busy.  I have not been too much into my Tau lately because I have been spending a lot of time with my football buddies and our favorite beverages made from malted barley and hops.  I will be posting regularly again soon, well I guess that really depends on how much longer a football season our boys are going to give us...

If they get to the Superbowl there will be two more weeks or so of bacchanalic debauchery.

But whenever we do wind down Football season, I have a list of projects piling up, in fact since our new codex dropped.  Until now I had just bought a couple of new models and proxied the rest.  But now I will have the time and money to purchase and work on my Cadre.  I will document my progress.  

Here is my Tau Top Twelve... for 2014 (catchy):

1) Build 2 squads of the new XV-88 broadsides.  One will have rail rifles, the other high yield missile pods.  I started two of the rail rifle models already.  One I built as recommended, in the pose you see on the GW website.  The other I modified.

He is standing more upright, and is quite tall.  He also has one of my unused XV-805 commander's extra hands, which is holding a captured servo skull by the tentacles. I will post the how-to soon, it still needs a lot of work.  

I may even build a third squad that I can magnetize the rifles and missiles and switch them to suit my needs.  That will give me the option of six rail rifles or six HYMPs.
Here is a preview.  He stands a good 10-20% taller than a crisis battlesuit.

2) I have spare Cadian and Fire Warrior bits, and I feel a squad of Gue'vesa calling to me.

3) After that, I have a new XV-805 to re-pose and build.  I have decided that I am not overly fond of his flamboyant landing, and I want my second one to be a little different.

4) Build and paint my Longstrike and Darkstrider.

5) Get a new set of pathfinders (even though I do not like their helmets).

6) Convert a devilfish to be the command/black ops DF required by one of the pathfinder formations.

7) I have another couple of Riptides to build, but not in the standard pose.  One will stand up fully like the broadside.  And the other will be kneeling.

8) Two Hammerheads and a Skyray (which will all be magnetized).  I will post the How-tos.

9) I have two forgeworld XV-88s and I am going to convert them to have jetpacks on their backs instead of pulse generators or whatever those devices are (but obviously not jetpacks).  Thse guys go with my R'Myr as XV-89 bodyguards, and while I love the rounded cockpits, I want the jetpacks to look right.

10) I have three tetras, and want another one (or three).  Seems like six will be a good number for my Cadre organization (which I will share another time).

11) Six more battlesuits, 3 stealth suits, another broadside (all pictured at the top of this post) as well as a couple of piranhas and a butt load of drones.

12) I need to paint, a lot.  I have a great scheme, just need to get it on more of my models.  My scheme is white armor, with bronze under-parts for the battlesuits, brown for the uniform fabrics. The white armor is accented with orange and brown, with a bit of gold on connectors, knobs, doo-hickies, and all of the big flat-head screwdriver head whatzits.  I am using electric blue for power flows, and flourescent green for sensors and lights.

I have more, much more.  I currently have about 7000 points of Tau, only about half of which has been built -most of it new in the boxes.  My goal is to get it all done by the end of the school year (June). 

I am also in possession of an Eldar army, most of which is also still in boxes (95% in boxes).  But my Templars are mostly all built, as are my Lizardmen.  I am still collecting models for all four of my armies, I only need a few forgeworld flyers for my Tau, a super-heavy tank, a revenant titan, and a flock of jetbikes for my Eldar, and a couple of big monsters for my Lizardmen. 

My Templars only need the new SM codex and whatever new units that introduced (I have not even looked at it because I have been pissed about the BT getting rolled into the SM codex).  But I suspect I will need the two new vehicles, Hunter and Stalker, and a squad or two of Centurions.   None of those Armies will get any attention until the Tau are done in my display case.  Besides, maybe a few codex supplements will be out by then -such as the rumored Kroot, Templars, and maybe even an Eldar Saim Hann.

But this is not about them.  


That is on my list.  

I play Tau.

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