1000 pt Farsight Enclave List

July 16, 2014 ·

As the title suggests, this is the list that I will be bringing this weekend for the third Escalation round. We did a round at 500 points during 6th edition, and then decided to do 500 points again after 7th hit.

Why Farsight Enclaves?

I chose FSE because Escalation leagues are a great way to try out something new. I also knew that I was eventually going to be fielding my R'varna as a counts-as Riptide, and I desperately wanted that Earth Caste Pilot Array. Plus this gives me some accountability for getting those other suits of mine assembled.
For more info on Farsight Enclaves and some of their unique army traits, check out EYIG's earlier post on the subject HERE.

The List


  • Commander: Cyclic Ion Blaster (CIB), Twin-Linked Fusion Blaster (TL FB), Stims, Fusion Blades
    • 2 Shield Drones
  • Stealth Team: 5 stealth suits with burst cannons
  • Riptide: Ion Accelerator, TL FB, Earth Caste Pilot Array (ECPA)
  • Crisis team 1: x2 Helios, 'Vre upgrade, both with VRT
  • Crisis team 2: x3 Fireknives, 'Vre upgrade, ATS on the 'Vre
  • Crisis team 3: x3 Deathrains, 'Vre upgrade
    • 2 Marker Drones
As always, if any of these abbreviations don't make sense to you, check out the battlesuit naming guide HERE

The Enemy

My opponent will either be Chaos Space Marines, Dark Eldar, Necrons, Astra Militarum, Space Wolves, or Grey Knights. Most are mechanized forces with lots of transports, the GK player is fielding a Storm Raven with terminators in it. 
Last game we tried Maelstrom of War missions and had a blast. We will give them another go this time around. We may move to Eternal War missions for the larger games but that is a ways off yet.

The Plan

At 1000 points, there isn't a whole lot of strategizing going on, but it's a lot more than at 500 points. In previous games I dominated my opponents with longer range and my JSJ abilities (very little terrain). Once I destroyed the enemy transports, they couldn't catch me. I am hoping to do more of the same this weekend, but I also expect there to be a lot more LoS blocking terrain. This will reduce my early shooting somewhat, but my higher late-game mobility should give me the edge on nabbing objectives

Instead of using the Farsight warlord trait table, I'll be rolling on the BRB Command table. These powers are better than anything I'll get on the FSE table (and some are better than the Tau Empire table too). Plus, since this list is a legal CAD, I can re-roll my result. I do keep shooting sidelong glances at the Strategic Traits though, they look pretty amazing too. Hmmm....

The Commander will join the Helios and that will be my first response team, moving to engage the enemy front runners. Note, the Fusion Blades don't make my commander "good" at close combat, they just make him ok. XV8's really aren't that bad in combat, and a bunch of AP1 attacks at initiative could be awesome. If the enemy challenges, I have the 'Vre character for accepting so that my commander can do his thing.

The Riptide will place himself somewhere ostentatious and bait the enemy. If I can get the enemy to pour their early firepower into my toughest model, the rest of my suits can be free to do their thing at full power. When you are playing an All Suit list, every casualty counts. 

Not sure who took this pic, but it sums it up nicely
The IA and FB are more to scare than anything else. The low AP weapons will get the enemy's attention and hopefully attract some fire.
The ECPA gets more usage out of the Heavy Burst Cannon, but I really want that re-roll Nova charge since I am not taking STIMS. Plus it pretty much guarantees the large blast profile won't Get Hot! 

Fireknives and Deathrains are my transport hunters. They will focus on light vehicles and, subsequently, their contents. Last game both squads were Fireknives and I was very impressed with how the 5th edition staple held up. I switched one squad to full Deathrain in order to have better odds of hitting the enemy Storm Raven in Zoom mode. I fully expect the GK Storm Raven to deliver its cargo, but Deathrains are never a bad loadout anyways, and they are a bit cheaper too. 

The Stealth Suits make their way into all of my lists. They aren't the most efficient way to get burst cannons on the board, but their Outflank has saved my bacon more times than I can remember. Their cover save is absurd and drives my opponents nuts. They are my 'ace in the hole' that nobody ever seems to see coming (I wonder why...) and have yet to let me down in a game. 

See You on the Other Side

Naturally, this is all well and good for theorizing, but I have never fielded a Farsight Army except at 500 points (and that hardly counts because it was just two XV8 teams and a stealth team). This army also has lots of elements that I've never even tried before:
  • BRB Warlord Traits
  • Fusion Blade commander
  • Riptide
We'll see how it goes this weekend and I'll be sure to post up my results. Let me know what you think of the list! 


Manethak said...
July 16, 2014 at 12:44 PM  

I am glad to see a fellow FE player, but I had a couple of comments about the R'Varna. First it specifically lists the wargear that it can take (positional relay and stimulant injector). Second its number scheme is different (XV107 vs XV104). Both of those could be argued that it makes it ineligible. I would love to be able to game it and destroy players with the ECPA, but sadly it would only further peoples opinion that Forgeworld is all broken and should be banned from earth.

Skyler Hoeft said...
July 17, 2014 at 5:30 AM  

I am operating under the assumption that FSE are not allowed access to ANY forgeworld models.
I own the R'varna model, but it is going to count as a regular Riptide for gaming purposes. The Riptide bits are in the mail right now, and as soon as they get here I'll be modifying them so that the R'varna can switch out weapons.

Manethak said...
July 17, 2014 at 6:51 AM  

Ok, I am following now. That will be a good looking model :). I have seen some email chains that say most of the Forgeworld models are allowed in FSE, but there was a list of ones that are not. I do not fully agree with the list though because of it listing things like R'Varna when it clearly states that XV107 cannot take the wargear. I've been running an escalation and at the start of it we reviewed that model and we are allowing it to be used by FSE. Sadly until there is some sort of official post from Forgeworld it'll be limited to the whatever rulings each group comes up with. Do you have any pictures of your R'Varna?

Skyler Hoeft said...
July 18, 2014 at 6:08 AM  

I do indeed.
Here is the conversion post I made from a few months ago:

Manethak said...
July 18, 2014 at 6:50 AM  

Wow! That is a very impressive looking model. I thought Forgeworld had made a very impressive looking model, but that makes my stock R'Varna look kind of boring.

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