1850 Tournament List - Farsight Enclaves

May 8, 2015 ·

I know. This is just another list on the internet. Who cares? In this day and age of weekly changing tournament standards, this post might be obsolete in a manner of months, but I'll post it anyways so I can reference it later. I intend to write-up my experiences with this list in our upcoming tournament. Read on if you are curious.

1850 Tournament List

This list is my sad attempt at a competitive Tau list in a time when our codex is well behind on the power curve. I am not a total WAAC player, so I still sprinkle in some flavor and character to my lists, but this really is pretty close to the best I can do. Tau are pretty much required, these days, to self-ally in order to get the most of every piece of equipment available to them.
Since I am the TO for our 40k tournaments, I submitted my list to one of the other players before anyone else submitted to me. This is to show I wasn't tailoring my list. We are using the NOVA Open's format, with a few small tweaks to suit our area and open up restrictions a little bit.

Primary Detachment: Farsight Enclaves (Combined Arms Detachment)

Commander: Fusion Blades, Talisman of Arthos Moloch, Drone Controller, VRT, 2 Marker Drones
Riptide: Ion Accel, TL Fusion Blaster, Earth Caste Pilot Array, EWO
1x3 Crisis Team: Deathrain-D
1x2 Crisis Team: Cloudburst-D w/ CDS. 4 Gun Drones
2x1 Crisis Team: Sunforge-D
2x1 Crisis Team: Heatwave-D
Drone Squadron: 4 marker drones

Secondary Detachment: Tau Empire (Combined Arms Detachment)

Commander: KingfisherIridium Armour, Stims, Shield Gen, VRT, PEN, NSJ, Onager Gauntlet
2x1 Crisis Suit: Sunforge-D
1x10 Kroot: sniper rounds
1x6 Fire Warriors: carbines, EMP grenades
XV109 Y'vahra: Stims, EWO
1x2 Remora Drones

The Formula

The Kingfisher joins the Deathrain-D team to operate as my primary damage dealer in the early turns. They double as the bait, drawing the enemy in and hopefully tying them up for a couple turns with the O'mortal's outstanding staying power. The marker drones and Fusion Blade Commander (FBC) will provide marker support and counter-assault. The drones are also there to detach and act as an assault/movement screen when necessary.
The Riptide and Y'vahra will look big and attract attention, as well as provide a bit of Interceptor cover against Drop Pod armies. Once the enemy is in my lines they can get the heck out of dodge and make for late game objective holding.
The Kroot infiltrate to limit enemy scout moves, or Outflank if there are no enemy scouters/infiltrators. The Fire Warriors stay in reserve to walk on when it is a bit safer. They are packing EMP grenades so they can clear out any lingering drop pods/transports securing my objectives.
Remoras provide some air support, and drop down into skimmer mode when they need to hold objectives. I have no problem Jinking them to keep them alive, as they are almost entirely for late-game support and objective capping.
Crisis Teams all Deep Strike (except maybe the Cloudburst-D). They land all over, grabbing objectives and trying to roast some vehicles in the enemy's backfield. In the past, they have proven instrumental in confusing Ork advances, so I hope they'll do just as well here.
Note: I've taken the forgeworld units in the TE detachment because I am still fairly certain that RAW disallows FSE from taking anything from Forgeworld. The only downside is that my Y'vahra won't get preferred enemy: Orks in close combat.

The Field

I've received a few of the lists from other players, and things are shaping up to be quite the throw down. We have Space Wolves, Grey Knights, Dark Eldar, Astra Militarum, Orks, Space Marines, with only one or two Imperial Knights. No Eldar. There will be superheavies, centurionstar, Drop Pod assault, biker rush, Dark Lance spam, crazy Ork formations, Forge World, etc.
The lists are nasty and I'll be hard pressed to do well at this tourney with my dated army, but I feel my list has what it takes to win if I play the scenarios right. My lack of air support is a little bit disconcerting, but I'm interested to see how the Remoras do in that area. The Y'vahra needs to make a good showing as well.
Our area, like many areas, is actually pretty light on true Line of Sight Blocking terrain pieces. We have lots of GW terrain, but it never seems big enough to hid any of my battlesuits. This is why I rely on O'mortals and Deep Striking to keep my suits alive against enemy shooting. Hopefully this doesn't put me at too great a disadvantage when I end up going 2nd.

Bonus Tactic

I hope to take advantage of the Y'vahra's extreme threat range at some point in this tourney.
On the first turn, the Y'vahra can novacharge its shield to a 3++ in close combat, move 24", flechette its target or a nearby soft target, fire at its target, and then (when your opponent thinks it's finally over) charge. If you get first turn, your opponent's psykers will not have a chance to cast Force on their weapons, making them pretty lame against a 2+/3++ monstrous creature with FNP.
A turn 1 assault would be perfect for putting my opponents on the backfoot, and might even forestall a Centurionstar before it has a chance to get rolling. Depending on what survives, it might even be worth trying to Hit and Run right out of combat. We shall see...

Another side note: the Y'vahra can use its 24" special movement every turn due to how it is worded and how the rulebook defines a "turn." I haven't yet decided if I am going to abuse this loophole or not. I think I shall. Should I warn my opponents beforehand?

Thanks for reading! Comment if you feel the need. My list is submitted already so I can't change anything now but I'm always open to hear what people think.


The tournament has passed. The list performed ok and I'll be posting the battle reports over the next few weeks.
Out of 14 players, I received 2nd overall (competition plus appearance, sportsmanship, etc.)
However, if you look at competition scores alone, I only scored 6th out of 14. I won all of my games, but they were all close wins so I fell behind the leaders. Positions 3-6 were all within 2 points of eachother, so it was pretty close.

The list was fun but it was apparent that I needed more experience with some of the units I was unaccustomed to.
Here are the battle reports that I used this list in.
Round 1: vs. Necrons
Round 2: vs. Space Marines+Space Marines(Iron Hands/Ultramarines)
Round 3: vs. Khorne Daemonkin


May 26, 2015 at 6:45 AM  

I'm not sure how you arrived at Tau being uncompetitive. Until the eldar came out a few weeks back, they were still in the top 3 generally in terms of power. The eldar revision though brought them (and everyone else) down a notch simply because that new eldar codex is game breaking ridiculous.

In any case, if you want a more powerful Tau army the answer is sadly very simple... Riptide spam. It won't work against the aformentioned eldar due to their str D weapon spam that can one shot the riptides potentially but it works against almost anything else. In any case, I hope to see more of your Y'vahra conversion. I posted a comment there a few weeks ago but it said you have to approve them and I haven't seen it public since.

Skyler Hoeft said...
June 9, 2015 at 10:16 AM  

That is odd. It normally just lets people post, and I didn't get a notification to approve it. Sorry!

You have a point about the power of the Tau. There is no doubt that they can hold their own most of the time, but I look at the rankings from major tournaments and Tau are barely represented. Why is that?
Perhaps our codex is ok, but it doesn't have what it takes to push it into the "top-tier".
For example: Imperial Knights are powerful, and they actually win a disproportionate amount of games, but have you heard of an imperial knight army winning a major tournament? When was the last time Tau won a major tournament? Top 3?

Riptide spam, as you say, is one of the few viable options left, but the Eldar Codex and Grav-Centurions are a hard counter those lists and are very common.

I need to take some pics of where I am with the Y'vahra. It is not finsihed but I've made decent progress on it.

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