Converting the XV109 Y'vahra

May 6, 2015 ·

When the Riptide came out, I swore I'd never buy one. It went against the fluff and I thought it was ugly too. Then the R'varna came out and I said, "Well this one looks better, I can get behind that" and then the Y'vahra was released. Oh my. This is how the Riptide should have looked all along.

I did a post earlier on the Y'vahra when it was first released HERE. I picked on of these bad boys up because I felt it was too awesome to pass up. Rules-wise, it has all the right elements that the XV-9 should have had. It is risky but can be devastating if used correctly. Sounds perfect to me! I already run a high-mobility, battlesuit-heavy army and I am hoping that this guy will give me what my list lacks: instantaneous response.The XV109 Y'vahra battlesuit

The 24" thrust move (which currently can be used every turn until it is FAQ'd) is insane and allows you to threaten stuff your opponent normally would think safe, and on turn 1.

Imagine your opponent is using an invisible, gating Centurionstar (boo!). You get first turn. You pop your Nova and try to get the 3+ invulnerable in close combat. You thrust your Y'vahra right up to the star, hit it with two full templates of S6 AP2 ignores cover. If the psykers are the closest model, the S8 ion weapon could be insta-gibbing if they get unlucky with their LOS. You are probably going to kill some stuff.

Then, when your opponent thinks it's over, you charge the Y'vahra right into combat. He is essentially helpless this turn against you, because he hasn't had a chance to cast Force on his psyker weapons. You do some damage and get stuck in with your 2+/3++ or 2+/4++ if you failed the Nova roll.

His super deathstar is now hurt and tied up in combat for his first turn. He can't shoot your Y'vahra and will have to hope he can get an instant-death force attack through your invulnerable shield. Either that or commit a close combat unit to help kill it and waste precious movement time. Bwahahahah! If the Y'vahra dies, you've bought yourself time and probably caused a fair bit of damage to the star before it goes invisible and starts gating. If it doesn't die, you can try to Nova jump out of combat to come back later. You aren't really hurting your chances of shooting the Centurionstar in the second turn, because it would have been invisible by now anyways.

Now, let's say you are more conservative and you worry you'll end up going 2nd. You can put it in reserves and use it as a quick response model. When it arrives from reserves it can move on 24" and roast stuff before your opponent can respond, still granting you first strike with your potent model, even if you won't be able to roast that Centurionstar.

My name is Skyler and I am a conversion addict

I can't leave models alone. I have to cut them up, magnetize them, customize them, improve on them. You'd think an expensive model like the Y'vahra would dissuade me from risking total loss of resin gold, but no. Like the R'varna, I wanted this to be usable as a regular Riptide so I had to scratchbuilt arms and magnets. It also required a sufficiently awesome base.

Base WIP

Starting with the base, I wanted this to convey a sense of blowing past entrenched positions to get at the real hard targets. A scorched Astra Militarum position was just the ticket. Poor burned guardsmen, all they ever did was stand between the Y'vahra and the Leman Russes...

GS flames added, and the R'varna stepping over the defensive line.

I swapped the head with the targeting piece from the Aegis Quadgun. I felt it scaled better with the model, and fits perfectly with Tau aesthetic.

This Jetpack is 90% of why I bought this model. So awesome!

So, I now needed some arms to hang weapons from. I scratch-built the forearms/hands and added some bits, bobs and paneling to make it look more Tau.

Notice that I preserved the elbow portion of the weapons. I cut this piece away from both weapons before converting the weapons to be under-slung versions.

I also magnetized the little wings to futher distinguish between XV104 and XV109

I built the arms in such a way that they could hold either of the regular Riptide main weapons.

So now I needed the weapons. I had already cut away the elbow portion, but they needed a bit more work before I could add the large magnets.

I replaced the shafts on the Ion weapon with wire. Straighter and less bulky.

The Riptide shoulder pauldron on the right forearm covers where the Riptide Shield Generator will go

What's Next?

The conversion is not complete, and I have yet to paint it (only basecoated so far). Currently I am in painting mode to get my army ready for an upcoming tournament, in which my Y'vahra will make its first appearance. After that I can focus on completing the Riptide crossover portion of the this model.

Since I already had the weapons prepared from the R'varna all I have left to make is the Riptide Shield Generator. I will make it a bit fancier since it can double as the Ravelin Shield Generator (Y'vahra only) if I make it to work alongside the Y'vahra weapons, which shouldn't be a problem.

The Y'vahra's guns could use some refining as well to make them look a bit more integral, but that will be low on the priority list.

I'll post pictures of the finished model after it's painted. Let me know what you think so far!


May 12, 2015 at 7:31 PM  

Looks good! I really like the commander XV8 with hands and wished they would have made the arms in that style instead of the "where are my hands?!?" normal crisis suit.

Anonymous said...
May 17, 2015 at 7:26 PM  

Very nice.
Can't wait to see it finished.

I converted my 107 to be a normal tide as well, and had been thinking about how to do this one. Prolly going to approach it differently, but your design is still a great inspiration.

Also, the base is just amazing, love the look and the narrative for it.
thanks for sharing.

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