Tau Codex Leaks: New Formations!

October 26, 2015 · 14 comments

They are all over the web now. You can check just about everything you would want to know about the new codex HERE.

For now, I want to do a quick overview of each detachment/formation. These have only just hit, so I won't be able to comment on their actual effectiveness on the tabletop, but I can theorize. Here we go.

What Should I Buy Now: Part VII

October 25, 2015 · 0 comments

We have a lot of new toys for Tau with the 7th edition Codex release. Those units include:
  • A New Codex 
  • Stormsurge Battlesuit 
  • Ghostkeel Battlesuit 
  • Tidewall Rampart 
  • Firewarrior Breachers 
  • Updated Crisis Suits 
  • Commander and Coldstar Battlesuit 
  • Ethereal Aun'Do 
  • Burning Dawn Campaign (Infiltration cadre) 
  • Kauyon Campaign Supplement 
  • New Drones kit 
  • New Decal Sheets 

With those new units come some new formations. These are powerful ways to customize your army and add interesting capabilities for any type of situation.

By now you have probably amassed quite a few models, so I will just discuss the formations that are available. I am not sure which I plan to use, and as the codex is so new we will have to wait to see how they play out.

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Strength D for Tau, Finally!

October 24, 2015 · 0 comments

So I was perusing the Codex: Tau Empire "formations" leak on Natfka's site earlier, and I must say I was impressed at how powerful and true to the fluff they are.  
I'm loving the Fire Team rule and concept because it is perfectly Tau, and there will be another post analyzing all the leaked formations as soon as I get more solid info. But then, buried down at the bottom, I found some real Tau luvin' with a strength D missile.

The leaked rule states that Destroyer Missiles (those carried on the Stormsurge) go from strength 8 to strength D if responding to a markerlight.  

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New Firewarrior Breacher Sprues

October 23, 2015 · 0 comments

So I just got my hands on the new Firewarrior sprue, and I must admit that even though there are only  bits to make 10 warriors, the sprues are nice. Reluctantly, I will admit that I think they are worth the $50.

Pictures of the sprues are at the bottom of the blog, but here is a list of what is on them. 

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New Tau Rules Roundup

October 20, 2015 · 6 comments

It has been quite an exciting last few weeks for us Tau players.

Lords of War

I've already checked out the rules for these two. There is the Forgeworld model: KX-139 Ta'unar and then there is a the KX-128 Stormsurge. The two are quite different, with the Ta'unar being almost half-again more expensive than the GW codex LoW. While the Ta'unar is an insanely tough nut to crack, the Stormsurge is probably the most fragile Gargantuan Creature in the game.
The Ta'unar also vastly outlclasses the Stormsurge in terms of firepower against most targets, especially if the Stormsurge is forced to move around.

However, the new Heavy Retribution Cadre
formation might give the Stormsurge the edge it needs. Check out those rules in the other posts:

Codex Predictions Update: 7th Edition Tau

October 19, 2015 · 0 comments

Our new Codex drops next week, and though we've seen some rules for the new stuff, we still don't know how our current units are going to fare in it. 

Here is my last prediction, and I am not changing it much, just adding on.

Here are some more educated guesses.


Well, we get a new commander battlesuit, I believe to be roughly based on the Enforcer suit from last edition.  That, plus some bits to make an Irridium version.  He can also be the Coldstar, which I think will never see any action. I play tau, but the flying ColdStar will be a huge target, die easily, and make me cry in front of my enemies.  

He only packs a six-shot burst cannon and a missile pod, and no signature systems. UGLY. He is not good for much and is bad at a whole bunch of things.

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Book Review: Firewarrior

October 14, 2015 · 0 comments

Author: Simon Spurrier


Ok, so basic story line, a Tau kid struggles with his father's disapproval and goes postal on first the Imperium and then a resurrected legion of Chaos Undivided. He literally raises hell, and performs in an utterly non-Tau fashion.

Longer Story?  Sure.  Kais does not do as well in the Battledome training cycle and embarrasses his well-decorated and high-ranking father.  He is shipped off to a conflict where he somehow manages to survive a botched fire warrior insertion.  

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Quickie: Battlesuit Size Comparison


Just saw this on the GW website.  Interesting size comparison.

That's all, just thought I'd share.

New Terrain, and What it Means...

October 13, 2015 · 0 comments

As you all know, Tau are going to be the first faction outside the Imperium to get a terrain piece.  I am not sure how I feel about the piece in discussion, but it is something.

We did get rules for the Area Denial Node a while back, but no actual model.  Of course we did get the Sentry Turrets and the Sensor Towers from Forgeworld...  but these were considered troops, not really terrain.

There was an Ork fortress in the 5th edition rulebook... but no actual model for it either, if I recall.

Another small bit, the DS8 tactical support turret in the new breachers/firewarriors box...  Seems like an eldar-like support battery that disappears when you move.  

More firepower for firewarriors I suppose, not bad, but still not quite terrain...

This new model is a fortification called "Tidewall Rampart" and retails for $160 US (which means it will be about $500 down under).  The Tidewall appears to have two or three circular bunkers (resembling a Nemoidian droid command ship) connected by linear segments with a translucent blue energy shield.  It also sports a large railgun mounted sideways on a pillar (I dislike the aesthetics of this and will probably remodel it).

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New Battlesuit Sighted?

October 12, 2015 · 7 comments

I cannot be certain, but I think we have a new battlesuit sighting.

I followed one of the links on Faeit 212 and it led me to this image (Thanks Natfka!).

It is not a standard Crisis Suit (new or old), and if it is a customized one it is very good.  I believe it may be the new Coldstar battlesuit (though I am hoping for better).

Check it out, not counting the Ghostkeel suit, it is the second battlesuit from the left. The shoulder and sensory "head" are easily swapped in from another kit, but the torso/cockpit area is not. The viewport is distinctly different as are the vents on the breastplates. The rest of the model apprears to be the same as the new crisis suits.

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Here are the links, and I'm not trying to walk on Natfka, just spreading the word. I love his website!

Jim Worthington posted the following comment,

A few things to notice.
In the first picture the last suit between the stormsurge and ghost keel has a different torso. This is the only model like this in either shot. It appear that the suits have similar arm construction like the riptide.
By that two piece construction that meets at the elbow allowing greater poses. Weapon options seem to be the same but the flamer has been redone. 
As mentioned larger bases but that helps the suits look more dramatic than gen 1 models. 
Fingers crossed that the commander is not in a static pose as shown and can be altered.

New Ethereal - Aun Do

October 10, 2015 · 3 comments

So we have a new named character, an Ethereal named Aun'Do.  He comes in the new Burning Dawn campaign, and I think I like him, and he has a couple of features as yet unseen.  

First, at least as far as I can tell, he's plastic.  That creates a lot of potential for kit-bashing and making other ethereals. 

Secondly, he is not covered in all the crazy robes, just a kilt and some armour on his torso.  Again, lots of kit-bash potential. 

Third, Aun'Do rides a hover disc (a new technology -erm at least a new model) and even though I hate it for Aun'Do, I can almost see a use for it elsewhere.  I plan to use it for my Water Caste Ambassador, who will be modeled after the 54mm version from the old Inquisitor game.  

I will use my new water caste models as objective markers where their height is not too much of an issue. The last thing an ethereal needs is to be more exposed as he hovers above his minions.

Lastly, and for what it's worth, he is holding a chain with pendants, one for each of the five castes.  Not to mention a pair of really cool feet.

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Leaked Rules of the New Tau XV-95 Ghostkeel

October 5, 2015 · 3 comments

Last week we got to see the new Stormsurge, but this week we get to see the suit I am much more interested in! The Stealth Riptide!

The new Tau KX -128 Stormsurge


What a time to be a Tau player! First we got the KX - 139, the first ground-based Tau Lord of War and now we get our first in-codex Lord of War!

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