New Firewarrior Breacher Sprues

October 23, 2015 ·

So I just got my hands on the new Firewarrior sprue, and I must admit that even though there are only  bits to make 10 warriors, the sprues are nice. Reluctantly, I will admit that I think they are worth the $50.

Pictures of the sprues are at the bottom of the blog, but here is a list of what is on them. 

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First, there are 12 of each of the three different weapons -12 rifles, 12 carbines, and 12 blasters.  There are also several pulse pistols (one in a hand). 
13 sets of legs
10 torsos
10 of the standard Firewarrior helmets
10 of the breacher helmets
6 bare heads, including one female
10 standard backpacks
10 breacher backpacks
10 standard shoulder pauldrons
10 breacher rounded shoulder pauldrons
1 extra of each weapon (rifle, carbine and blaster with no arm)
a lot of pouches and grenades
a new style bonding knife, markerlight, and handheld drone controller
one Missile Turret with SMS or a Missile pod
2 drone heads with parts for either 2 gun drones, 2 shield drones, 2 marker drones or 1 guardian drone.

The female bare head is a nice touch, and five others is pretty good.  The extra shoulder pauldrons are also a nice touch.  I will use the ten for the breachers on them, and then replace those few oddball firewarriors who are missing theirs.   Expect to see shoulder pauldrons on ebay cheap after this week, if you need some.  The market will be flooded.

The only down side is that the kit is short two torsos for making a full 12-man Firewarrior Strike Team.  

Legs? check!
Weapons? check!
Heads? check!
Torsos & backpacks?  two short!

Other than that, these sprues are packed.  Nicely done GW.  


Here are pictures of the sprues:

Ok, I'm gonna start building them now...

I play Tau.


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