New Terrain, and What it Means...

October 13, 2015 ·

As you all know, Tau are going to be the first faction outside the Imperium to get a terrain piece.  I am not sure how I feel about the piece in discussion, but it is something.

We did get rules for the Area Denial Node a while back, but no actual model.  Of course we did get the Sentry Turrets and the Sensor Towers from Forgeworld...  but these were considered troops, not really terrain.

There was an Ork fortress in the 5th edition rulebook... but no actual model for it either, if I recall.

Another small bit, the DS8 tactical support turret in the new breachers/firewarriors box...  Seems like an eldar-like support battery that disappears when you move.  

More firepower for firewarriors I suppose, not bad, but still not quite terrain...

This new model is a fortification called "Tidewall Rampart" and retails for $160 US (which means it will be about $500 down under).  The Tidewall appears to have two or three circular bunkers (resembling a Nemoidian droid command ship) connected by linear segments with a translucent blue energy shield.  It also sports a large railgun mounted sideways on a pillar (I dislike the aesthetics of this and will probably remodel it).

(click the article title to read more)

There is a bit of confusion about drones.  Some say it carries four, otheres assert that it has four options (gun, markerlight, shield, and guardian).

On top of all that, rumor has it that the thing moves.  Great!  A floating Tau Fortress.  With the railgun, and if it's an armoured skimmer, we essentially have a Hammerhead with firing ports.

I just wish they would actually produce the Tau terrain at Warhammer World.  I tire of some of the plastic bowl and styrofoam rubbish on YouTube and replicas of the buildings in the Firewarrior video game.

So what does this mean?

I think it means that GW will start releasing terrain for the Xeno factions. I am happy for by beloved Tau, but imagine what they will do for the Eldar and Necrons?  

Or even the Orks though I cannot imagine why they would need a kit, just a bits box and some plasticard, really...

Tyranids?  Maybe not.  But maybe something for Daemons and CSM.  That fortress from Age of Sigmar comes to mind...

I shudder to think what is coming for Dark Eldar, if anything. They are the only non-human faction to date that has anything resembling terrain, remember the webway? It wasn't much, but it was something...

At any rate, the pictures are a little lousy, it seems to be a hurried scan out of White Dwarf, but anything is better than nothing so we thank you, o hurried copier....

Here's the links:,list1263,1,warhammer-40-000-sternenreich-tau.html

I play Tau.


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