Strength D for Tau, Finally!

October 24, 2015 ·

So I was perusing the Codex: Tau Empire "formations" leak on Natfka's site earlier, and I must say I was impressed at how powerful and true to the fluff they are.  
I'm loving the Fire Team rule and concept because it is perfectly Tau, and there will be another post analyzing all the leaked formations as soon as I get more solid info. But then, buried down at the bottom, I found some real Tau luvin' with a strength D missile.

The leaked rule states that Destroyer Missiles (those carried on the Stormsurge) go from strength 8 to strength D if responding to a markerlight.  

(click the article title if you want to read more)

YES!  This is my new third favorite unit! After Hazard suits and tetras... and of course my Kroot (who got a new formation too!)

That makes markerlights even more essential in a large game.  

It's only 4 shots, but hey, IT'S 4 STRENGTH D SHOTS!

I mean, we already had strength D on one of the Stormsurge weapon options, but that was only once the enemy was within ten inches, which meant the stormsurge would likely die next turn.

This is waaaay better.  I am so relieved and excited at the same time.  My initial thoughts were, why the hell does this thing have a new kind of missile?  why not just a rack of seeker missiles, same range, same strength, what difference does it make that they are encased in a launcher and not on a launch rail?  

I was also asking myself as I read through the leaked formation list, why would I ever need pathfinders if I can get BS bumps with some of these formations (with units I would most likely take in my army anyway)? 

Then my mouth fell open when I got to the bottom of the page.  

Seriously.  It felt like I was at an Amy Schumer stand-up sketch and actually liked one of her jokes...   

Doesen't he look kinda like Amy in drag?----->

Anyways, I rushed upstairs and told my wife about it.  And for the record, she doesn't know or care one smoldering crap about 40k and often complains about my "army men" being all over the kitchen table.  

I just remind her that Tau on the table is still better than taking my motorcycle apart in the living room --which I only did because I live in Seattle and it rains a lot up here and she insists on parking in the garage, so where was I supposed to do it?

So I will be getting three Stormsurge models instead of the two I had initially planned (I only wanted two for the Heavy Retribution Cadre).  Now all i have to do is sell my child to some despot to buy a Ta'unar...

Just full disclosure here, 

I was so happy about this news that my post on Natfka's site reads 

"Happy Oc-Tau-ber, everyone. I am sitting here in the Pacific Northwest with all my shiny new Tau stuff feeling like Christmas morning..."
Well, it just got better!  It's like Hanukkah! 

Also, in response to a moronic comment about Tau not liking Kroot, I may have also posted 

"Considering, that the Tau are an evolutionary offspring of a Communist Gungan and a Drunken Goat, who really cares whether or not they like what the Kroot eat..." 
Peace!   (pun intended)

I play Tau. 


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