Angry Tau Collectors

November 27, 2015 ·

Seems like a lot of Tau wargamers and collectors are upset with GW at the moment.

The Kauyon and Mont'Ka campaign books are currently sold separately for about $74 US each. Many gamers bought the Kauyon book when it was released a few weeks ago, and now see that the Limited Edition Warzone Damocles Set includes both books for $205.

Of course GW did not mention the contents or even the existence of the Limited Edition when it released the Kauyon book... The metal coins and other bits in the LE are quite worth the $50 this time, really. Did anyone else notice that the slipcase in the second photo on GW's website is upside down?  One would think they could read Tau writing... after all, they created it, didn't they?

Anyway, folks are upset because had they waited they could have bought the limited edition for only $50 more than each of the two books separately -which is a great deal considering the how many collectors were fairly screwed over with the $180 limited edition codex.  That one was definitely not worth the bloated price tag.

The LE Codex was $131 more than the standard codex, and besides the nice box, gave you a rather nice map, some cards, and the coins. Definitely a bloated price.

My friend Salvetti bought the Kauyon book and is now pissed (American version of this word = angry, not intoxicated). I would be angry, too. I normally buy the campaign books right away, but this time I didn't have the cash so put it off till today, actually, payday.  Glad I did.

I also normally defend GW even though some of the things they do are a bit shady.  This one I cannot defend. They had to know this would happen and that they would irritate their customers.  If they didn't, then their marketing analysts should be sent home.

I feel for you guys....  Good luck selling them on eBay.


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