Farsight's All-Battlesuit Army is Back

November 24, 2015 ·

There was a bit of moaning when Farsight's ability to take crisis suits as troops was "lost" in the Codex update and Kauyon books.  But with Mont'ka, it's back.

Farsight's Dawn Blade Contingent is able to take a Retaliation Cadre as his core formation.

That Cadre consists of:

1 Commander
3 units of Crisis Battlesuits
1 unit of Broadsides
1 unit of Riptides

Tack that onto the "Eight" as your Command Choice, and maybe a Rapid Insertion Force or a Drone-Net full of BS-3 Marker Drones for your Auxillary, and Boom....  Jetpack JSJ goodness all over the place without the need for pathfinders.

Broadsides excepted, of course.  :0

You could always take a Firebase Support Cadre (or two) to beef up your all-battlesuit army swag...

Yeah, that's right.  The Big Red Battlesuit Boys are back.


Carla Wong said...
November 24, 2015 at 11:28 PM  


This is my problem. Will Farsight take Optimal Invisible Force in auxiliary? Leaked images suggest yes images are incomplete.

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