UPDATED: Competitive Tau Tournament List (1850)

November 11, 2016 · 0 comments

It has been quite some time since I played Warhammer 40k. I've been very busy with RL. But next weekend my group is having another tournament. I took out my old list to see if I needed to change anything for the coming battles.

Dealing with Genestealer Cults

October 11, 2016 · 0 comments

It has been a very long time since I've posted. I've been very busy with RL and I haven't even played any 40k since the tournament I posted about. With the new Genestealer Cult release and a tournament likely to happen next month in my area, I'm musing on what to do about them.

1850 Tourney: Round 3 vs. Tau

June 8, 2016 · 3 comments

Image result for tau vs tau stormsurge

Round 3 of our local tournament. For the final showdown it was Tau vs. Tau!

1850 Tourney: Round 2 vs. Orks


Round 2 of my local tournament where I brought the nastiest list I could muster with the models I had...

1850 Tourney: Round 1 vs. Space Marines

June 1, 2016 · 2 comments

---Shas'el Bork'an J'Shas'ka cut the thrust to his jets and landed lightly atop an abandoned Imperial bunker. His battlesuit's auto-sensors detected none of the outpost's inhabitants, so they had likely fled the area. A wise choice, given the circumstances. El'J'Shas'ka understood this particular type of Gue'ron'sha was especially zealous and was just as likely to kill loyal imperial subjects as they were to kill their actual enemies.
The low rumble of the approaching armoured column grew, filling the air and sending vibrations through the battlesuit. The Tau commander steadied himself and prepared to send targeting commands to the school of marker drones revolving around him.---

1850 Tau Tournament List - Competitive

May 31, 2016 · 4 comments

Tomorrow is the first 1850 singles tournament that I'll have been to in a year. I decided a couple months ago that I actually wanted to win, so I bit the bullet and 'invested' in a Stormsurge. Check out the list I'm taking and why I took what I did...

The Greater Goodzilla!

May 20, 2016 · 1 comments

New Tau battlesuit. Coming soon...
Let's talk about competitive Tau. This has been on my mind lately as my group has a tournament coming up next weekend. I am not a regular tournament player, and I have yet to make it out to any of the 'major' tournaments, but I'd like to think that I stay on top of what is good and what is not via the interwebs.

Death From the Skies Rules: Tau Edition

May 18, 2016 · 2 comments

Death From the Skies is the newest supplement to be released by GW. Unlike the other supplements, this one actually changes the core rules for all of the GW Flyers in the game (note: Flyers does not include FMC's). Let's see what these changes have done for our Tau.

New Tau Barracuda from Forge World!

May 13, 2016 · 0 comments

The most awesomest flyer in the game is back!

Warhammer 40k 7th Ed FAQ!

May 5, 2016 · 1 comments

Get excited people! GW is delivering on their intention to give us an FAQ. They have released the first draft of the FAQ on their FB page HERE.

Musings: The Stormsurge

April 26, 2016 · 1 comments

I will be purchasing one of these big boys very soon and so it has been on my mind a lot lately.

Tactica: XV109 Y'vahra

March 24, 2016 · 3 comments

The Y'vahra has been out for some time now, and I think I feel comfortable enough with it to post a tactica that isn't entirely theorycrafting. I think it is probably my favorite Tau unit.

500 Point Tournament

March 15, 2016 · 0 comments

This is a very quick summary of a small tourney I attended this past weekend. 6 players, but some pretty nasty lists showed up anyways.

Anatomy of the Farsight Bomb

March 3, 2016 · 2 comments

The Farsight Bomb has come a long way since it's development in 4th edition. Come see what is different and how it fits in today's gaming climate.

Farsight Supplement Update!

February 24, 2016 · 3 comments

Ok, this is pretty much old news by now, but here it is: the new supplement rules info.

Check Out This Video Blog

January 18, 2016 · 0 comments

This is a shameless plug for a pretty cool video-blog out of the UK that I would like to recommend. Brian and his pals put together two or three excellent videos each week that are inspirational and informative for the war gaming world. Trips to Forgeworld's Game Day, conversions, awesome model releases, and hang-over harassment are all common fare for these boisterous Brits. Poking a bit of fun at girlfriend troubles is also on the menu.

I laugh almost every time I tune in.  They are distinctly British, so Brits may not find them to be all that funny... but that is another issue.  That said, non-brits will sometimes find their humor a bit dry, but they are serious modelers, seriously fun, and honestly entertaining. And even though I think they like beer as much as they like 40k, my modeling skills and motivation get better with every video. They are definitely one of the bright stars in the online 40k universe.

The boys are currently trying to expand their viewer base, so if you get a chance to pop in, please do so. Their YouTube channel is called Templars Crusade 01 and though they tend to be focused on Black Templars and Imperial Fists, Brian also collects and plays Tau. Several of his videos in a series called "Tau-tastic" are among my favorites. The fact that I also collect Templars and Fists is entirely beside the point. Their Tau material merits their mention as well as a permanent link on Warhammer Tau (hopefully they will do more).

I am not on the Facebook or Twitter, so I am unable to Twit or Tweet or whatever, but apparently that helps him out.  This is what I am able to do.  Please pop over to his channel and check out his library. I promise you'll be chuffed to bits.

Tau-Tastic Videos

I play Tau.

New Ethereal Honour Guard formation

January 12, 2016 · 6 comments

The new GW starter set for Tau is an amazing value and I would encourage anyone who has the spare cash to pick it up. More on that HERE.

Aside from the amazing deal, it comes with a little bit of bait for those that can't stand to be left out of anything. It is an 'exclusive' formation: Ethereal Honour Guard.
Now I know what you are thinking, "BS4 Fire Warriors! Honour Guard are back!" but you would be wrong. Sorry. Not that BS4 Fire Warriors are that cool anymore. We have so many ways of boosting accuracy it is almost unfair. So let's look at what this formation actually does.

"Big Boy" Tournament Army List (January 2016)

January 7, 2016 · 0 comments

I will be attending/running a tournament this weekend (the 9th) and here is the list I'll be taking, complete with spiffy new formations from both the Tau Empire codex and the Warzone Damocles: Mont'ka supplement. Check out what I'll be bringing!

New Battleforce for Tau

January 3, 2016 · 3 comments

A new bundle deal called Start Collecting! Tau Empire is now available from Games Workshop. The box contains 10 Fire Warriors, an Ethereal, and 3 Crisis Battlesuits.  And it's one hell of a deal.

Let's do the math...

Firewarriors (10) $50
Crisis Suits (3) $75
Ethereal (1) $20
Total $145
Start Collecting! Tau Empire $85
Savings $60

Ok. I've seen the blogs where the magpies and neck-beards are all complaining about unpopular models and price creep, and whatever. And while my contempt for these moon-faced assassins of joy is well known, they may have a case about the Orks or Vampires. But nothing in this box is unpopular or over-priced so far as current prices are concerned. In this box, you are basically getting the Fire Warriors and half of the ethereal for free.

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