Warhammer 40k 7th Ed FAQ!

May 5, 2016 ·

Get excited people! GW is delivering on their intention to give us an FAQ. They have released the first draft of the FAQ on their FB page HERE.

As a Tau player, I have a few that caught my eye:

  • Ethereal auras don't work from inside a Devilfish anymore
  • Skyfire Blasts can hit flyers/FMC. 
  • Void Shield Generator only affects units COMPLETELY within 12" of it. Bummer Orks.
  • Multishot template weapons do multiple D3 hits in Overwatch. (Y'vahra)
  • You can fire as many weapons during Overwatch/Interceptor as you can during a regular Shooting phase (I think this also means extra attacks like the stabilizing anchors from the Storm Surge)
  • Shadowsun is still left out for deployment purposes
  • Only one grenade can be used in each phase. So only one grenade attack in the assault phase (RIP EMP grenades)
  • Blasts affect everything under them (so shoot the guy on the top level of the ruins)
  • IC's don't benefit from formation bonuses. This one will take a lot of explanation on GW's part because currently that raises way more questions than it answered.
  • The Stormsurge has to nominate all of its weapons' targets before rolling to hit. This uses the single shot missiles even if you kill the unit before rolling to hit with the missile
  • You can no longer Jink and Go to Ground. Drone Net is a little bit less hardy now.
  • Piranha Firestream Wing can't go back into reserves on the same turn it came on from reserves
  • Re-roll 1's does not help with Gets Hot rolls on blast weapons. Sorry ECPA (though technically the ECPA isn't legal to use on a Riptide anyways)
  • Special Rules like Monster Hunter or Preferred Enemy do not work against a mixed unit. So Ralai's warlord trait truly is worthless, but on the flip side it might actually be worth taking a drone with your Riptide.
More noticeable ones since I first posted:
  • Passengers snap-shoot if their transport Jinks. Currently that would mean that Fish of Fury tactics aren't likely to be any use

What other changes have you seen that directly affect us Tau?


Feliks Bartkiewicz said...
May 6, 2016 at 8:08 AM  

Also; only one relic per models so buffmander is dead sadly :(

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