1850 Tourney: Round 2 vs. Orks

June 8, 2016 ·

Round 2 of my local tournament where I brought the nastiest list I could muster with the models I had...

Round 2: FIGHT

For a summary of  Round 1 go HERE. Short of it is that I won the game narrowly.

My list is HERE

Round 2 was against an Ork player that had won narrowly against someone running the Baronial Court+Riptide Wing. Mostly due to the extra VP's you score by stripping HP off of Lords of War.

Combined Arms Detachment

  • Warboss
  • 5x10 Boyz
  • 1 unit of Grots

Bully Boyz

  • 3x5 Meganobz w/ Trukks

Council of Waaaagh!

  • Ghazghkull Thraka
  • Mad Dok Grotsnik
  • Big Mek
  • 5x Nobz
  • 2x Warbosses
His list had a ton of models but he was so strapped for points he had virtually no upgrades, which surprised me. He apparently couldn't even afford the kustom force field on his Big Mek. With no invulnerable saves and minimum sized squads I figured I had a decent chance.
The problem with this list is that from the Orks' first turn onwards everything is fearless and operating under a Waaaagh! So I would have to be very wary of how far he charge/move in a turn. Not to mention Ghaz being practically invincible during a Waaagh!

Piles o' Boyz

The Mission

This game was area control, which ordinarily would favor the Orks. Six 2'x2' table sections had to be completely controlled to score 2 VP. Other VP were awarded for killing a marked target, Warlord, and for keeping your own marked target alive. I marked the truck his Council was riding in, since it HAD to die, and he marked my Culexus assassin thinking it would be the squishiest target.


My Stormsurge. He has lots of work left to do
I won the rolloff and chose to try and go first, even though he'd be seizing on a 5+ (Stormsurge). We were setup in Hammer and Anvil, which made me feel pretty good about my chances. I spread out with the Stormsurge well back, just in case he zoomed up. I was hoping to possibly put anchors down and mow him down on turn 2. I deployed the Culexus far back, intending only to use him if the Orks got really close and hopefully get me the VP for not losing my marked unit. 

My Own deployment, with the Y'vahra behind the huge building
Commander way up high. Good luck making it up here Orkies!
He deployed his own models in a spread out fashion to avoid my large blasts. The Mega Nobz and Council were in trucks and everyone else just took up space. From his deployment, I was guessing he was hoping to send the Nobz and Council in, supported by a few Boyz squads, as ballistic missiles to cause mayhem while the rest of his boyz sat and claimed his own zone.

First Turns

Council sitting in the crater that used to be their trukk
Thankfully, he did not seize the initiative, so I felt I had a good chance here. His list heavily relied on getting first turn and I could lay down an insane amount of firepower against his largely unprotected army. I jumped the Y'vahra into ongoing reserves and shuffled my units, awaiting his impending charge.
I popped the Council's transport and one other transport but failed to destroy the third until the second turn due to bad scatter. A few boyz died here and there but not much since I was out of range with the Stormsurge and my Bursttide (for the first round and this one, I was under the impression the Heavy Burst Cannon had a range of 24" so I cheated myself out of some extra firepower in both games).
The Y'vahra and Crisis monats arrived. The Monats did very little but the Y'vahra killed most of a Meganobz squad with his AP2 torrent. My opponent was quite peeved and had some things to say about Forgeworld being OP, yadda yadda yadda.
Drive Ork! Riding in a trukk 'wreck'

Later Turns

I consolidated forwards, killing the single Meganob that got into close combat with me and started clearing away Boyz with smart missiles and rocket pods. My Stormsurge, who had waited in the wings for the first couple turns started moving forward so that it could actually hit something with his primary weapon.
His line started to collapse backwards. His momentum was entirely gone and I was eating through his lines pretty quickly. It was just a matter of how much I killed before the game ended. I had feared his Council would give me trouble, but he had elected to retreat the Council after its trukk was destroyed. His intention was to keep his Warlord alive, especially since he needed Ghaz alive to grant Fearless to everyone.
I put my Y'vahra into his deployment zone to keep Ghaz in the area and to possibly contest one of the table sections. He charged me but the Y'vahra is much tougher to kill in close combat than you'd think and he survived with 1 wound. Although for this combat I had thought his toughness was 5, so he might have taken a wound or two that he shouldn't have. He passed his initiative check and hopped out of close combat, ready to burn some more Orks. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and had to call it.
Riptide dance party. Meganob was stomped dead trying to join in.

Game End

We ran out of time (moving all those Boyz takes a loooooong time) after turn 4. I controlled 3 of the table quarters to his 1, with 2 quarters being contested. I had killed the trukk and kept my own marked unit alive but failed to kill Ghaz (naturally). The game ended 2 to 10 VP in my favor. Tau win again, though it was such a turkey shoot my opponent was pretty bummed and it took some of the joy out of the win.

I had killed 10 units and he had only killed one of my Crisis suits. It was a pretty lopsided battle so I could understand his frustration, even if it was his own doing relying so much on getting first turn.


I learned a couple things this game, despite it basically just being target practice:

  • Stormsurge primary weapon range is short. I only fired it twice the whole game due to being deployed too far back. If you take the pulse shotgun, you really do need to be on the front lines.
  • Y'vahra is Toughness 6. This hurt me in my last game (lost him first turn) since he was hit with lots of heavy bolters. It might not have really made a difference though.
  • Orks without force fields in minimum squads are really easy to wipe out. It felt too easy wiping away an entire Meganob squad with a single Ion Accelerator blast.
There wasn't a whole lot to this game, but it demonstrated how deadly the list can be when given full rein to shoot stuff. Had my opponent pushed forward with Ghaz, he may have had a better chance as I'd be forced to deal with his 2+, 2++, 5+++ eternal warrior warlord. Ghaz was the thing I feared most, since I wasn't sure I had the volume of fire to take him down before I was overrun. My opponent played it safe and ended up rendering his very expensive council useless for the game.

On to the final round! Since I had won both games, and we only had 8 players, this would be the final round between the two undefeated players. Who will it be?


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