UPDATED: Competitive Tau Tournament List (1850)

November 11, 2016 ·

It has been quite some time since I played Warhammer 40k. I've been very busy with RL. But next weekend my group is having another tournament. I took out my old list to see if I needed to change anything for the coming battles.

This tournament is straight up GW 40k. Which means we are using GW FAQ and GW rules and random GW scenarios with no alterations. Should be quite fun. However, this also means I'll be dealing with full blown Angels of Death psychic powers, Invisibility, Full Power Ranged D, etc.

Previous List

You can check it out HERE. You'll notice in a minute that I have gone full pyro.

New List

Farsight Enclaves CAD
  • Commander-Talisman of AM, DC, 2x Flamers
    • 2 Marker Drones
  • Crisis Team- 1x Heatwave-D, BKR
  • Crisis Team- 1x Heatwave-D, BKR
  • Crisis Team- 1x Heatwave-D, BKR
  • Crisis Team- 1x Heatwave-D, BKR
  • Drones- 5x Marker Drones
  • Y'vahra - EWO
  • Stormsurge - EWO, Shield, VT
  • Promethium Relay Pipes
Riptide Wing
  • Burstide- EWO, SMS, VT
  • Iontide- EWO, SMS
  • Iontide- EWO, SMS
Null-Maiden Task Force
  • 5x Sisters of Silence
    • 4x Flamers, 1x Execution Blade
  • 5x Sisters of Silence
    • 4x Flamers, 1x Execution Blade
  • Ordo-Xeno Inquisitor- Bolt Pistol, Chainsword
    • 3 Servo Skulls
Total: 1849 points


  • I removed the extra kit on my commander.
  • Took the Tetras out.
  • Added a couple Heatwave-D's.
  • Added Promethium Pipes.
  • Replaced the Culexus with Sisters of Silence
  • Added the Inquisitor+Servo Skulls


The Why's for my changes are pretty simple: deployment protection and flamer abuse. I took out anything that felt like it was "extra" and filled it back up with Heatwave-D's, promethium pipes, and the inquisitor. I love how the flamer templates are treating me these days, so I am going full pyro for this list. It isn't the S5 spam Tau usually can put out, but I am thinking the cheapness and auto-hits will make up the difference. It is also going to be a new tact for my group.
Since I brought so many flamers (19 if you count the Stormsurge's) the Promethium Pipes should be an amazing addition. With those on my deployment edge I can throw templates on about 3/4 of the board. Naturally, I'm building my own out of PVC and a few Tau gribblies from the bits box. I also felt that the increased threat of Turn 1 Assaults required more Overwatch protection. Heatwave-D provide the best overwatch so I was pretty well off there. The Sisters of Silence were a happy accident that fulfilled my Culexus' duties and brought more flamers.

This time I decided that I'd try sole-sourcing my markerlights to save on points as well. The Stormsurge is really the only thing that needs them so we will see how it goes. I would've preferred a couple more drones but I didn't want to drop anything else so I'll make do with what have.

WIP on the big guy. Progress is slow
I added the Inquisitor purely to counter scouting and infiltrating armies like White Scars and Genestealer Cults. It can cap an objective and has psych-out grenades too so it isn't entirely worthless but it is an easy kill point/first blood so it will almost always start in reserve. At least now I can use my Ethereal conversion for something!
The Sisters are an experiment to see if they are an overall better form of Psychic Abomination than the Culexus Assassin.

WIP on my SoS Counts-as: the XV-19 'Seraph' battlesuit

The Master Plan

Most games I will probably end up going for the scenario win. I've done well on scenario in the past with my deepstriking monats and slippery XV-109. Against most armies this list should do alright. It has the same core as before, which has done quite well. I am hoping that my changes have only trimmed away the unnecessary to make room for things that augment my core army.
For alpha assault armies, I've done all I can by cramming a ton of Interceptor and Overwatch into the list. The Inquisition Detachment is entirely there for screening my army from scouts and infiltrators. Currently, the servo skulls are a hard counter to the Genestealer Cult's first turn assaults. I think that if I deploy properly I should be able to handle these types of armies ok. As long as I can get one decent shooting phase in, I can do some damage.
The Heatwave-D will be my reserves, dropping in and torrenting anything that ventured close to my deployment zone. If there isn't anything there, then they'll land in the opponent's zone to contest objectives and threaten squishy summoners.
The sisters can cover a wider area than the Culexus alone, but are easier to kill. They are also new and special so anyone with psykers is likely to make them a priority target. So we shall see how they fare. I sure hope I get the chance to drop 4 torrents on something...
The Y'vahra and Heatwaves are where my opponents often get thrown off, so I'm relying heavily on their disruptive performance. The Y'vahra alone is a Space Marine's nightmare.

So, tell me what you think. Are the Sisters a good inclusion? Should I have just taken a minimum squad for the occasional death star and used the extra points on more Heatwaves and markerlights?


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